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10 Things That Are Totally True If You’re A Summer Lover

Summer is here and with it, the best season of the year! Beach, hot weather, sun… how not to love summer? If you are a summer lover, this list is for you!

10 Things That Are Totally True If You’re A Summer Lover 

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#1 You get upset because the daylight saving time started later this year

The daylight saving time is awesome: days are longer, you leave work at 6 or 7 pm and still can see the sunset! It’s impossible to not get happier, and you also save energy, which is a very nice ecological action. Because of the elections, daylight started later this years, but luckily it will last until February!

#2. You can go to the beach at 9am and leave at 7pm

Beaches are absolutely the best part of summer! Being able to spent all day in there is one of the best things in life, but remember: don’t take your problems with you, leave them far away from the beach! And only leave when the sun also leaves.

#3. You love sunbathing

Most people love to get tan, but not all of them have patience for that. If you’re a summer lover, you surely love to spent hours and hours under the sun. But don’t forget the to use sunscreen and to drink water! With these two basic tips, you can get tan without getting sick.

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#4 You can wear flip flops all the time

A simple thing that is so refreshing and also brings a feeling of freedom. And nobody judges you for wearing it.

#5 The landscape gets prettier and you really enjoy looking at it 

You can't wait for watching the sunset and walking down the streets during the summer. It seems that everything around you gets prettier: trees, the sun, colorful days...

#6 In your opinion, the best holidays happen during the  summer

Christmas, New Year's Eve and Carnival are definitely the best holidays. We have parties, family together, gifts and no worries!

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#7 Your have a desire for being healthy 

For some reason, when summer is here we prefer to eat healthier and start doing exercises. It is a good time for trying a new sport that you always wanted to do!

#8 You prefer fresh clothes

As flip flops, summer clothes are more comfortable than the winter ones and you feel more free with them.

#9 You love ice deserts and drinks

During the summer, you can eat healthy, but ice cream and ice drinks are pleasurable temptations. There's nothing better than getting home from a busy day and drink a cold beer. You can also drink a coconut water at the beach!

#10 You are very happy because you can say goodbye to sinusitis and rhinitis

At summer, you don't see people getting sick as they usually do during the winter. You can say bye to sinusitis and rhinitis for a couple of months!

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