10 Schools We Wish to Study At

It doesn’t matter if you study in the morning, afternoon or evening, going to school is your chance to learn new things and make friends that can last forever. Over time, the routine speaks louder and the laziness of getting out of bed gets bigger, but imagine if you could had studied in any of these cool schools, which one would you choose?


1. Hogwarts - Harry Potter

Raise your hand if you still have hope to receive the letter from Hogwarts! Just imagine what it would be like to have classes with Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Remo Lupim, Horacio Slughorn and so forth? There would be tours to Hogsmeade, Triwizard Tournament, defense against the dark arts classes and lots of others cool stuff.

2. Constance Billard School - Gossip Girl

In the book the girls and boys' schools are separated, but if the series joined the schools, who are we to separate it? Imagine being able to study and then look at one side, see the beauty of Serena and Blair, look at the other, be face to face with Chuck Bass, it would be difficult to decide who to fall in love with.

3. Academy - Naruto

If you grew up seeing / reading Naruto and always wanted to be a ninja, I'm sure that this list item will warm your heart. It was from people coming from the Hidden Leaf Village’s Academy that we learned so many important lessons that are taught in the story of the boy that even with a demon inside him, did not let himself be carried away by evil.

4. William McKinley High School - Glee

Imagine being able to start singing a classic or a single of the moment in the middle of school? More than a club to sing, Glee was a family, a psychological office, and sometimes a fighting ring. If you don’t like shaved ice, be careful while you are walking through the aisles.

5. Elite Way School - Rebelde

“Y soy rebelde, Cuando no sigo a los demás...” I know that you read that phrase in the rhythm of the music. If being Mia Colucci was not easy at Mexico's most expensive and coolest high school, I’m sure you would find very very easy! The Spanish we have already learned improvising with you Mia, change of place with us, please!

6. Mystic Falls High School - The Vampire Diaries

Living and studying in Mystic Falls would be dangerous, so imagine being part of the circle of friends of Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt and many others? Would you like to be a vampire, witch or werewolf? You just shouldn’t skip classes to kill blood thirst, practice spells or howl around.

7. East High School - High School Musical

"What team? Wildcats! Get'cha head in the game!" Here the chance to make amazing friends and sing in musicals (and in the middle of lunch too) is as high as simply breathing. You can create a song for your first day of school and it's sure you will rock, maybe literally.

8. Rydell High School - Grease

A lot of gel, leather jacket, swirled dress, tight jeans and banana split would expect you in Grease's world. With a lot of rock and cliques at school, at Rydell High School there is only one requirement that students need to keep: to know how to dance!

9. Horace Green School - The School of Rock

Want something cooler than getting up early to go to math class, but end up taking rock n 'roll and musical instruments classes? Here the scores take the place of textbooks and the final test is a real rock show!

10. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - X-Men

"Bones" of adamantium, immortality, regeneration, shape change, laser vision, super strength, flying, telepathy and so on. Which of these mutations would you like to have? Would you fight alongside Professor X or Magneto?