10 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be In Your ‘To-Go’ List

If you are planning to travel to new places that offer new experiences, Amsterdam is the right choice. With distinct policies, museums never seen before, foods that we are not used to eat and places that remind us part of the Nazism history, the destination is able to present you all of these in just one bike ride. Thinking about it, we made a list of the top 10 reasons why you should make this trip.

Image Source: Pixabay

1. Bikes

From the airplane window you can see the bikes on the street, once Holland is a flat country and the access to the historic center is complicated for larger vehicles due to the canals in the city. Amsterdam has a population of about 835,000 people and no fewer than 881,000 bicycles, which makes the population’s life healthier and also beneficial for the environment.

2. Anne Frank's House

The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is an old house that served as a hideaway to Anne Frank and her family during the Nazi persecution. At the entrance, you can take a brochure in which the events occurred in each of the House’s spaces are explained in detail followed by some paragraphs extracted from the diary, through which you can travel to another time and feel in the girl’s skin.

3. Van Gogh Museum

The largest collection of works, from all over the world, by the artist is located in the Van Gogh Museum. The painter left all his artistic production to his brother Theo and, after his death, some items were sold and others were preserved. In 1962, the works were transferred to the Van Gogh Foundation, which permanently gave them to the Van Gogh Museum. A good tip is to buy the ticket in advance to avoid large queues.

4. Ice skating

Image Source: Pixabay

If you are touring during winter, the best place to skate is the Museumplein. The central square is a good place to go with the children and have fun to the whole family.

5. Heineken Experience

One of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam. In 1988, the brewery closed for failing to meet high demand, but, nowadays, you can learn about the inheritance, manufacturing process, innovations and sponsorships of the beer brand. When buying the ticket, you get two drinks, a tour through the canal with a guide and an entrance to the city's lookout.

6. Rembrandt House Museum

Image Source: Pixabay

One of the greatest painters in history and certainly the most renowned in Dutch art’s history, Rembrandt lived and produced much of his works in this place. Everything can be found in this museum: history, original furniture, restored rooms and engravings exposed.

7. Red Light District

Prostitution is legalized and considered an occupation in Holland. The Red Light District received this name because it is the place where women display themselves in windows of their rented rooms to call customers. Knowing the neighbourhood is definitely one of the mandatory things to do in Amsterdam.

8. Coffeeshop

The coffeeshops were originally places to sell drinks, but they began to sell cannabis products to have a highest income. This happened in the 1980’s decade, when after countless unsuccessful attempts to curb the illegal trade the dutch government decided to adopt a law of tolerance to lighter drugs. Visiting a coffeeshop in Amsterdam is for sure an interesting program.

9. Stroopwafel

Image Source: Pixabay

One of the delights of Amsterdam is the Stroopwafel. It is a biscuit formed by two masses in disc format combined with a caramel syrup. It can be found in the free fairs of Holland and served on time. The usual is to eat accompanied with a cup of tea.

10. Keukenhof

The largest tulip park in the world is less than one hour away from Amsterdam. The most crowded day of the year is the Flower Parade, but if you do not want to stay restricted to the park, you can rent a bike or take a boat trip and go through tulip fields in the vicinity.