10 Podcasts In Portuguese You Should Listen To

Looking for a new way to be informed and entertained? Here are some podcasts in portuguese for you listen to!

1. Anticast

Image Source: Anticast

One of the classics, the AntiCast is presented by Ivan Mizanzuk and approaches different subjects like history, art, politics and culture. It’s a great way to get information and analysis about different and current topics.

2. Nerdcast

The Nerdcast is an extension of the Youtube channel “Jovem Nerd”, presented by Alexandre Ottoni and Azaghal, and is one of the biggests podcasts in Brazil. Talking about technology, culture, entertainment, behaviour, science, the everyday life and many other things, the duo has collected a huge number of fans all over the country.

3. Matéria Escura

Still talking about science and technology (and many other important current topics), we have Materia Escura (Dark Matter), presented by the lead singer of the brazilian band Fresno, Lucas Silveira. The singer is a science enthusiast and nerd, who talks about literally everything. Lucas mixes science and theories about the universe, different philosophies, accompanied by music and distinct types of art to answer existential questions asked by his fans.

4. Mas você vai sozinha?

Image Source: Mas você vai sozinha?

“But are you going alone?” is a podcast in which the traveller Gaia Passarelli invites different people each week to talk about travelling and many aspects surrounding this subject. She talks about different cities, traveling the world (accompanied or alone), music festivals all around the globe and many other things.

5. Mulheres que escrevem

“Women that write” is a weekly program presented by Seane Melo and Taís Bravo. During the program, they interview different female authors, discussing culture and literature. It is also a part of the show suggesting new things written by women.

6. Mamilos

Mamilos, which means “nipples” in portuguese, is a journalism program that takes the trending (and polemic) topics and subjects from the social media and discuss them, but always with a huge dose of empathy, respect and good sense of humor, showing different points of view and looking forward to give the public more information about each issue.

7. Imagina juntas

“Imagine together” is a podcast presented by Carol “Tchulim” Rocha, Jessica Grecco and Gus Lanzetta and talks about everything surrounding the millennial life, like pop culture, work, relationships, and different issues of the life of this new generation.

8. Podcast, mano

Image Source: Podcast, mano

At first, it started by talking about everything related to the hip-hop world, but now, the “Podcast, dude” has taken new proportions and they have come with a different approach, talking about other subjects like pop culture, cinema, comic books and also about many things related to the geek world.

9. Tenho mais discos do que amigos

At the beginning a blog written by Rafael Teixeira, the podcast “I’ve got more records than friends” gives the public more information and news related to every aspect of music in Brazil and the world.

10. NOIZ com Emicida

Presented by one of the biggest rappers in Brazil, Emicida, and the humorist Ronald Rios, the podcast “US with Emicida” is a project created to discuss different things surrounding the musical world. Inviting distinct, famous and important guests, they bring more information and a new point of view in each episode.