10 Places to Be a Vintage Hipster in São Paulo

If you’re one of those people who really believe that was born in the wrong century, or just like to imagine how things used to be back in some decades, you must love vintage stuff! And the best thing about it is that São Paulo is full of places inspired on this vintage and fancy style.

Beyond the charming decoration of restaurants and bars, there are a lot of specialized stores and street markets, where you probably will find some hidden treasure if you’re a professional seeker.

Are you ready for this time travel? So check it out our list and pick a the perfect place for your style.

#1 Feira de Artes da Benedito Calixto

Way beyond only art, the Feira da Praça Benedito Calixto, located in Pinheiros, also sells a lot of history. Between sunglasses from the 50’s and almost one hundred years old cutlery sets, it’s possible to find some vintage stuff, that might help you decorate your room, as long as compose your visual. There are 320 exhibitors, that every week invite a loyal number of customers and also curious ones, pretty motivated on finding some old objects.

Credits: Vinicius Pinheiro

However, the fair, that happens during the morning and afternoon of every Saturday since 1987, can not be summed up by only this. Some sellers exhibit their handworks while artists use the place to play their songs and, crossing the street, you can find the Espaço Cultural Alberico Rodrigues. If somehow you’ve got your hands full of shopping bags, right there it’s possible to have a snack, find an old book by the store and even visit some plastics exposition.

Address: Benedito Calixto Square, Pinheiros

Closest subway station: Vila Madalena | Line 2 - Green; or Fradique Coutinho | Line 4 Yellow.

Hours: Every Saturday, from 09 am to 07 pm

Average price range: $ to $$$

To get to know more: website of the fair

#2 Boutique Vintage Brechó Bar

As the name shows, here you can have some drinks and also look for vintage clothes, all at the same place! Located in Belenzinho, some customers compare it to Narnia’s wardrobe: you can’t imagine what you’re about to find when arrives at that tiny little door on Padre Adelino street.

Credits: TripAdvisor

With snacks and alcohol options, besides dresses from the last century, the place is also designed to make it all work together, with some good music for you to listen. MPB, jazz and blues are some of the genders you’ll find at the bar, whose stage welcomes a lot of underground bands every weekend.

Address: 949 Padre Adelino Street - Belenzinho

Closest subway station: Belém | Line 3 Red

Hours:  Tuesday to Thursday, from 10 am to midnight. Friday to Saturday, from 10 am to 02 am

Average price range: $$

To get to know more: Facebook page of Boutique Vintage Brechó Bar

#3 Maria Jovem

If your main goal is to redecorate your house with vintage furniture, Maria Jovem might be just the place to find unique pieces. Right on the corner of João Moura street with Cardeal Arcoverde street, the store plays between retro decor and new pieces that might have just left the factory, but carry such a vintage ID on its design.

Credits: Viajante Brasileiro

With uncommon options for you to choose, the store is really close to the Feira de Artes Benedito Calixto. Maybe a Saturday morning is a perfect day for you to visit both of them.

Address: 1019 João Moura Street - Jardim Paulistano

Closest subway station: Sumaré | Line 2 Green

Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 09 am to 06 pm

Average price range: $$

To get to know more: website of Maria Jovem

#4 Casarão do Vinil

Having almost every song in the world with just one touch on Spotify is wonderful, but nothing compares to the incredible sensation of putting down the phonography’s needle on the vinyl’s disc and listen to it for hours.

At Casarão do do Vinil you’ll find a huge collection with more than 700 thousand LP’s for up to R$ 79,90

Credits: Catraca Livre

The architecture and decoration of the place are also an invite for those who really want to go back in time without leaving reality. Oh, separate some time if you decide to know the place, because the discs are not organized by musical genre.

Once a month, the Casarão promotes the One Thousand LP’s Fair, when there are only two price sectors, R$ 29,90 and R$ 9,90. To know the date it’s necessary to stay tuned at Casarão’s Facebook profile.

Address: 1212 Trilhos Street - Mooca

Closest subway station: Bresser Mooca | Line 3 - Red

Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, from 9 am to 6 pm; Sundays, from 9 am to 5 pm

Average price range: $ to $$

To get to know more: Facebook page of Casarão do Vinil

#5 Feira de Antiguidades do Bixiga

Do you want old silverware, cuckoo clock, porcelain dolls, vintage clothes, typewriters and classic carts? At the Feira de Antiguidades do Bixiga you’ll find all of this and more.

Credits: Casa e Jardim

Located in the heart of one of the most Italian neighborhoods in São Paulo, the fair always happens on Sundays and offers lots of options for those who likes relics.

If you end up staying longer than you had planned and feel hungry, you can have lunch or afternoon coffee at the various Italian canteens, markets and bakeries of the streets of the region.

Address: Dom Orione Square, unnumbered - Bela Vista

Closest subway station: Brigadeiro | Line 2 - Green

Hours: Sundays, from 08 am to 5h30 pm

Average price range: $ to $$$

To get to know more: Feira de Antiguidades do Bixiga website

#6 Drosophyla Bar

Do you want an exotic menu and a place with a nice decoration? Go to Drosophyla Bar! The menu ranges from recipes coming directly from Minas Gerais, to exotic drinks from French Polynesia and different flavors of the a Brazilian classic: caipirinha.

Credits: Drosophyla Bar

Try the mango with pink pepper or carambola with basil. It may seem strange combinations at first, but it's actually a hit among the customers!

Address: 163 Nestor Pestana Street - Downtown

Closest subway station: Anhangabaú | Line 3 - Red

Hours: Mondays to Thursdays, from 6 pm to 1 am; Fridays and Saturdays, from 8 pm to 3 am

Average price range: $$

To get to know more: Drosophyla Bar website

#7 Brechó Passado Presente

As the name already says, to go into this second-hand shop is a trip right to the past. With unique clothes, you can find the Brechó Passado Presente in the Galeria Ouro Fino, and I am certain that is different from everything you have gone.

Credits: Estadão

The owner and seller, Magaly, is a friendly lady who has been working there for more than 40 years and says she knows all the clothes in the store and the prices by heart - the pieces do not even have a label indicating the value!

It is possible to find fur coats, family jewels, dresses... But be warned, it’s better to give her a call and schedule an appointment if you want to have a look, because Magaly is not in the store all the time.

Address: 2690 Augusta Street - Piso Metropolitano - Store 16/17 e 21 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP

Closest subway station: Consolação | Line 2 - Green

Hours: Monday to Saturday, opens at 10 am

Average price range: $$

#8 Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato

Close to Sesc Consolação, the Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato has a gibiteca with more than 3,500 titles ranging from comic books to manga and RPG books! If you like HQ's, this is your new favorite place in São Paulo.

Credits: Governo do Estado de São Paulo

To make the registration - which is in use in any other public library in the city - it is necessary to bring a photocopy and proof of residence.

Address: 485 General Jardim Street - Vila Buarque

Closest subway station: República | Line 3 - Red or Line 4 - Yellow

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm; Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm; Sunday, from 10 am to 2 pm

Average price range: free

To get to know more: website of Biblioteca Monteiro Lobato

#9 Salão Luxo

If you really want to feel in the 20th century, you need know that you can cut your hair in a vintage salon!

Credits: Salão Luxo

The Salão Luxo has a special decoration inspired by 70's rock'n roll and the coolest thing is that professionals use vegan products made by them in the salon to take care of the hair of both women and men. Oh, the salon also offers other services like manicure, waxing and even tattoos and piercings.

Address: 193 Aspicuelta Street - Vila Madalena

Closest subway station: Sumaré | Line 2 - Green

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm

Average price range: $$$

To get to know more: Facebook page of Salão Luxo  

#10 Café Girondino

Nearby São Bento subway station, Café Girondino is one of the most traditional in São Paulo. Inspired by the original Girondino Café of the 20th century, which was in Praça da Sé, it is huge and its decoration makes anyone's imagination think of men in suits and hats, women in dresses and children wearing starched clothes passing through the center - ever since - agitated.

Credits: The Fork

In addition to the traditional coffee, there are also lunch and dinner dishes, plus incredible desserts such as the always praised sweet rice and the wonderful pies.

Address: 365 Boa Vista Street - Centro

Closest subway station: São Bento | Line 1 - Blue

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 10 pm; Saturday, from 8 am to 8 pm; Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm

Average price range: $$

To get to know more: Facebook page of Café Girondino

Are you wondering how to get started with all this options? We'll help you! Or even better, we’ll wish you good luck to pick one of this!