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Everybody has already wondered what it would be like to study in those high schools or colleges chick flick movies, where rebel spirits awakes in us the real coming-of-age feeling simultaneously while we only wish to be a character too. Because of it, we have listed a few well-known fictional schools. If we could only study at one of those 10… IT WOULD BE AWESOME!

1. East High – High School Musical (2006-2008)

This movie was a huge part of our childhood and adolescence and I know that, at some point of a boring physics, class we all wondered what it would be like to jump on a table and start to dance, just like on HSM. And of course that our 10 years old also dreamed of having that much fun at high school – but, instead, we were too busy trying to get into college.

What you probably don’t know is that East High is a real school on Salt Lake City and it allows HSM fans to visit outside school hours. So anyone can walk through the hallways and pretend they’re Gabriella singing “When There Was Me and You” or visit the cafeteria and choose between “Stick To The Status Quo” and “I Want It All”.

2. Sky High (2005)

Trying to follow your successful parents’ steps, dealing with bullies and figuring out who you are: not even superheroes are immune to all these high school drama. The big difference here is that their classes are way cooler than ours and they go to their school (that’s in the sky) in a flying bus!

3. Padua – 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Breathtaking views, great parties and Heath Ledger: Personally, that’s all I’d ask from a school and Padua has it all. In this adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of The Shrew we can see the characters going to a school that looks more like a castle with an ocean view! Also, the movie is a must-see: it’ll make you laugh, cry and make you wish you could study at Padua. The movie was recorded at the Stadium High School, a public school in Tacoma, Washington.

4. Barden University – Pitch Perfect (2012-2017)

First of all, Barden University is home of four really great chapel groups, being The Barden Bellas and The Treblemakers two of the best in the country. Then there’s the fact that all The Bellas live together in an awesome house were they throw a lot of parties. Finally, BU has a Quidditch club for those who love Harry Potter!

5. Hairspray (2007)

Finding out that the detention room is actually the coolest place in school is already awesome, but also being able to finally talk with your crush in there is more than we could ask for. Tracy made new friends, met a new rhythm and basically saw all of her dreams come true just because she was late for class. Welcome to the 60s!

6. Hogwarts – Harry Potter (2001-2011)

Who never wished to study at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Every part of this outstanding castle proves that burn the midnight oil reading like Hermione did can be cooler than you may have already imagined. Thus, there’re a terrific breakfast and a huge variety of feasts in the Great Hall and all the competition between the Houses, including an external one, for instance, the Triwizard Tournament. By the way, who never wanted play (or even watch) a Quidditch match? This is kind of magical, isn’t it?

7. Shermer High School – The Breakfast Club (1985)

It seems completely boring and non sense endure Saturday in an all-day detention making an essay containing 1000 words in the library. On the other hand, to get gathered with 5 different teenagers pranking the principal in the high school corridors might be the funniest “task” ever. Despite a few rebel ongoings, it may be said that studying at the Shermer High School is not so bad as some might say.

8. North Shore High School – Mean Girls (2004)

Attending classes at October 3rd never was so amazing, especially when the guy you are into is sitting exactly in front of you. Besides school’s various cliques and that specific one which is led by a queen bee, North Shore High School harbors a bunch of activities, such as Talent Show, Mathletes (math competition team) and the most expected prom. By the way, “on Wednesdays we wear pink”.

9. Hill Valley High School – Back to the future (1985)

Joining the auditions for the Battle of Bands in the Hill Valley High School must be considered one of the most awesome things you could have ever imagined to do at the 80’s. Besides that, there’s the time-traveling DeLorean and all the awkward situations it brings up. But for sure – again – the prom is memorable.

10. Cornwall College – She’s the Man (2006)

Being part of the team never makes so much sense as in the Cornwall College’s soccer. All this scenario of competition awakes in us our willing to have a full-time experience at college and, as a bonus, to get a crush on a handsome player as the award.

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