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10 LGBT+ Movies For You To Watch And Think About

There are many films that feature LGBT+ characters in the cinematic universe, but there’re only a few that shows the script without stereotypes and prejudices. And that’s a big problem. Everyday, the number of people that identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans increases and it’s sad to think that such a strong community can hardly ever be represented. However, it’s important that they’re included and portrayed in the movies to get noticed by society.

Thinking about that, we made a selection of 10 LGBT+ films with very beautiful scenarios. Hope you enjoy to know some productions with this theme and increase your film repertoire. It will be difficult for you not to fall in love with these stories. Check it out: 

#1 – La vie d’Adèle (2013)

Credits: IMDb

This French drama revolves around Adèle. The protagonist is only 18 years old and has never had relationships with people of the same sex. One day, she sees a blue-haired woman on the street who enchants her immediately. Adèle happens to have fantasies with this woman and begins to distrust her sexual orientation. Some time later, they meet each other and live a beautiful relationship, full of discoveries and inner growth.

#2 – Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Credits: IMDb

Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar are two young cowboys who met and fell in love in 1963, while working together on a sheep herding service at the Brokeback Range, Wyoming. Isolated from everyone else, they have a fast relationship. When the work is over, each one follows their lives and get married some time later. Jack and Ennis go years without seeing each other, until one day they start dating again and the strong relationship is reborn.

#3 – Philadelphia (1993)

Credits: IMDb

Andrew Beckett is a homosexual lawyer suffering from Aids who works at a major Philadelphia company. When it becomes difficult to hide from his colleagues that he is HIV-positive, he is fired. However, in order to sue the company for his dismissal, Andrew hires a homophobic lawyer to defend him. Their relationship will be difficult, but both will learn to respect and live together. This is one of the first Hollywood movies to recognize Aids and deal with homosexuality and homophobia.

#4 – Boys don’t cry (1999)

Credits: IMDb

The film tells the true story of Teena Brandon, a woman who identifies with the male gender. To become who she really is, the girl turns into Brandon Teena. Soon he is accepted into the rural town of Nebraska and causes fascination among women. In a short period of time, the boy begins to get involved with a single mother and they live a beautiful romance. However, when people find out about the couple, they suffer tragic consequences because of the secret.

#5 – Freeheld (2015)

Credits: IMDb

The mechanic Stacie Andree has a beautiful and stable relationship with police officer Laurel Hester. But a sad news hits the couple: Laurel is diagnosed with a terminal illness. As a proof of love, the police officer wants Stacie to receive all the benefits of her pension after she dies, but the authorities do not recognize their relationship and refuse to offer the pension.

#6 – Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (2015)

Credits: IMDb

This Brazilian drama tells the story of Guilherme Lobo, a teenager with a complicated life. He needs to deal with his mother, his blindness and, at the same time, he tries to seek his independence. However, a young boy arrives in the city and begins to arouse feelings in Guilherme. Throughout the story, the protagonist discovers more about himself and his sexuality.

#7 – The Dreamers (2003)

Credits: IMDb

In this romance, the American student Matthew goes to Paris for study in 1968. There he meets the twin brothers Isabelle and Theo. They become friends in a brief period of time and begin to share sexual experiences. This perfect relationship does not last long and soon complications begin to arise.

#8 – 3 Generation (2015)

Credits: IMDb

Ray is a girl who has never identified with the female gender. To become who she is, she decides to undergo through sex reassignment surgery. Her mother, Maggie, tries to deal with the change in the best way she can, while searching for her biological father to achieve legal consensus. On the other hand, her homosexual grandmother, Dolly, refuses to accept Ray’s choice and establishes a family conflict.

#9 – Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Credits: IMDb

In Call Me By Your NameElio, a 17 year old teenager, goes to Italy to spend the summer at his parents’ house. His life changes completely when he meets Oliver, a 24-year-old American who helps Elio’s father’s with his academic research. They live incredible days together during the 80’s and little by little a beautiful romance begins to appear.

#10 – Milk (2008)

Credits: IMDb

Harvey Milk wants to do something important in his life. So, in 1972, he moves to San Francisco with his boyfriend, Scott Smith, and opens a camera shop that serves as a gathering place for homosexuals. Two years later, he decides to be the first gay man to take on a public office, elected by the Board of Supervisors. Milk’s life seems to go very well until he meets Dan White, with whom he has a very complicated professional relationship.

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