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Many people try different platforms to find their favorite anime. However, only a few people actually know what can be explored on Netflix. That's why we have created this article, to support you on finding out the perfect anime on the platform without any effort!


Based upon Paru Itagaki's manga of the same name, Beastars is set upon a world of only animals and their society divided between carnivores and herbivores and how the society copes with each species. The main protagonist is Legoshi, a wolf, who falls in love with Haru, a dwarf white rabbit, and how society feels about their relationship while being caught in an investigation about the murder of an herbivore in the school they study. Although being a 3D style animation, the anime runs very smoothly, and it won't be a problem to watch it in this new style.

Violet Evergarden

This anime is an emotional rollercoaster. Set in a fantasy world after a horrendous war, Violet Evergarden, who was raised by the military and fought in the war, has to start a normal life. Losing both arms, while she was a soldier, that were replaced by mechanical ones, Violet doesn’t understand people, as all that she saw and felt was only at the military base. The ingenuous protagonist receives a job as ghostwriter, someone who writes letters and memories on behalf of another who doesn’t know how to write or read. The series follows Violet as she starts to understand emotions and the process of losing her commander in the war. In addition to the emotional rollercoaster, the anime series also got a movie to watch afterwards.

Ocean Waves

Although Studio Ghibli is very well-known for their animations for children and adults, this movie is directed for older audiences. Ocean Waves isn't very well known by anime fans and is very underrated. It follows the protagonist Taku while he remembers many high-school memories while going to a school reunion. The slow-paced anime can be boring, but if you stick up to it you will see how a teenager becomes an adult, and might be getting involved with the story.


Although cute looking and childish animation, Aggretsuko is not for children. This anime follows Aggretsuko (a red panda) at her boring job and how she copes with it by singing heavy metal at a karaoke. Filled with jokes and life situations in which only an adult or a young adult could understand, Aggretsuko hits the viewer with many hard life choices.

Devilman Crybaby

Based upon Go Nagai's manga, Netflix's Devilman makes the 90's anime and manga new again, with a new art style and much more action scenes. Either if you want to have a taste of what retro anime was like or if you want to watch a full action anime, Devilman Crybaby will give it to you!

Warning: This anime contains disturbing scenes that may cause discomfort. Rated 18.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

The award-winning Studio Ghibli takes a Japanese folklore and sprinkles the Ghibli aesthetic. The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a hidden gem within Ghibli and Netflix, the whole movie was hand-drawn in the traditional Japanese style. In this movie, discover the story of a beautiful woman placed in an environment that provokes several reflexations. 

Death Note

Death Note is an anime classic, and it was for sure that Netflix wouldn't miss the opportunity to add it to their catalogue. This is the story of a boy that finds a notebook that gives him strange powers of death… A very mysterious story with a thrilling fight of geniuses. Whether you're new at watching anime or just want to relieve the famous Light Yagami vs L battle, surely Death Note is a to-go! 

Carole and Tuesday

This Netflix original follows the high and lows of two friends who want to become musicians. Although dubbed in Japanese, the anime contains original songs in English, and musicians such as Thundercat with the song “Unrequited Love”. In the English dub, Celeina-Ann, singer and song-writer, gives voice to Tuesday, and Nai Br.XX, also a musician, gives life to Carole. 

Curiosity: Each episode has a music title, for example in episode 17 it received the title “Head Over Heels” from the pop band Tears for Fears.

Big Fish & Begonia

This very underrated anime movie comes from China. Big Fish & Begonia is set in a mystic realm where in a coming-of-age ritual, a girl named Chun travels to the human's realm and experiences it in the form of a red dolphin. There, she meets a human boy that helps her get free of a net where she got tangled during a storm, but the boy drowns trying to help her. After going back to her realm with an object from the boy and giving half of her lifespan to the boy's soul, she must take care of him in her world since now his soul is manifested as a red baby dolphin. 

Gokushufudo: The way of the househusband

So, what would a yakuza (Japanese mafia) boss do if they retired from crime? Gokushufudo answers your question. The comedy anime follows Tatsu, or better known as "The Immortal Dragon", who retires from crime and becomes a househusband while his wife goes to work. This short 5-episode ONA* shows Tatsu’s strange episodes and his new life as a husband.

ONA*: ONA is an Original Net Animation or just web anime. It is an anime directly released on streaming platforms.

Now that you’ve seen this amazing list, pop some popcorn, get cozy in your bed or couch and start the anime marathon of your choice!


The article above was edited by Carolina Rodrigues.

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