10 All-Female Bands You Need To Know

Music is a big part of our lives. We listen songs while we’re studying, working, on the bus... It is the only thing that is always there when we need and keep up with us in our day by day.

But have you ever wondered how many girls do you listen to? Or ever counted how many bands that have a female lead singer are on your playlist? I’m talking about women that don’t have the attention that they deserve, so even if they’re great, Ariana Grande, Anitta and other big female singer do not count here. 

I bet that you couldn't count more than 5 or 6 names, right? Because of that, I made a list, with ten all-female bands, of all genres. I’m sure you will find something you like; check it out:

  1. 1. Honeyblood

    This scottish duo mixes indie pop with punk. It’s formed by the guitarist Stina Tweeddale and the drummer, Shona McVicar. In their music, they talk about everything, and they are not afraid of anything.

  2. 2. Runaway June

    Runaway June became the first all-female trio in over a decade to score a Top 25 hit. In the formation, we have: Naomi Cooke (lead vocals, guitar),  Hannah Mulholland (vocals; mandolin), and Jennifer Wayne (vocals; guitar). They make a organic country sound, that hasn’t been heard since The Dixie Chicks

  3. 3. Sleater-Kinney

    Born in the 90’s, this band made history as one of the most important all-female rock bands in the world. In 2006, they made a hiatus and came back in 2015, when they realized that the kind of music that they did was necessary. Formed by Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss, Sleater-Kinney plays punk rock, indie rock and riot grrrl.

  4. 4. Pussy Riot

    This russian feminist group became known after doing political flash mobs, protesting against the constitution of Russia, and specially how it treated women. Formed by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich e Maria Alyokhina, Pussy Riot is more known for their political actions than their music. They play punk rock and riot grrrl.

  5. 5. Blackpink

    If you like k-pop, this band is for you. They are sexy, bold and have an  striking look. Besides that, their music is made to stick to your head. You’re gonna get addicted to this girls.

  6. 7. Bikini Kill

    This punk rock band was formed in the 90’s, in Washington and it was the pioneer of the riot grrrl. They split in 1997, but came back for a reunion in 2019. They are very influenced by hardcore and feminism. They’re a mark in the history of all-female bands.

  7. 8. Lola & Vitória

    This sertanejo duo was formed in 2016 and made a huge success with “Medo de Amar” and “Tô Grávida”. In 2018, the announced the end of the duo, but, in the beginning of 2019, they came back to the internet and said that they have news. If you like sertanejo, you will like these girls.

  8. 9. Childbirth

    They are an american alternative rock band from Seattle, that gained visibility with the song “I Only Fucked You As Jock”, that mocks mens while objectifies them. It’s formed by three girls: Julia Shapiro, Stacy Peck and Bree Mckenna. They sing about women.

  9. 10. The Go’s Go’s

    Formed in 1978, they were the first all-female band to get in the top of Billboard. Their album “Beauty and the Beat” sold more than three million copies, and became triple platine. After forty years, they still keep rock alive.

I hope you like listening to this women as much as I did. And remember: to run the world, girls need to support each other!