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Sweaters, Leggings, and the Joys of Sweggings

Ah, winter. The wonderful time of year when Cleveland weather reaches well below freezing and the trek to classes quickly becomes the worst part of everyday.

Unfortunately, with the drop in temperature comes the search for warm clothes — and fashion usually falls by the wayside. Well, it no longer has to be this way! We can wear leggings without freezing to death with the help of oversized sweaters and sweggings- sweater leggings!

See these sweater leggings? Not only are they cute, but they’re warm AND affordable. You can pick up a pair of these from Target for only $19, or even just peruse through Forever 21 and you can find plenty of pairs for about $12. I just bought a pair of super warm leggings similar to these for under $11 from Forever 21. Patterned or not, they keep you warm, make your legs look great and work perfectly with oversized sweaters.

A cardigan like this one would work perfectly with leggings. It’s warm and cozy and covers up your tush, making the wait for the bus much more bearable. You can find this sweater at Urban Outfitters, and it comes in many different colors. Another option from the oversized cardigan is the classic oversized sweater; again, Urban Outfitters has some great sweaters that are guaranteed to keep you warm.

As an added bonus, you can pair your oversized sweater and leggings with a skirt! It’s a great way to make your outfit look even cuter and more chic.

You can totally dress up this winter and stay warm — all it takes are leggings, a great sweater and a cute skirt!

Don’t take cold weather as an excuse to not dress up. Let’s take “Dress Well, Test Well” seriously despite this cold winter and rock all our classes -as well as our wardrobe- this semester!

Jeniece Montellano is a member of the class of 2016 at Case Western Reserve University. She is a chemical biology major (B.A.) and English minor, and plans on becoming a physician assistant. She is a part of Solstice (all-female a cappella group), CWRU's Pre-PA club, CWRU's Filipino Student Union, The Observer (undergraduate newspaper) and a sister of Delta Gamma. In her free time, she tries to maintain her sanity by eating chocolate mindlessly, watching TV and rom-coms, reading books and tweeting about random things. Follow her on Twitter @herroitsjemeow for more musings about life.
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