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Spring Break Survival Kits

Spring Break is always amazing, but here are some products we’ve been using to help it reach it’s full potential!


1. Sabre Campus Pepper Gel + SABRE Personal Alarm

Let’s be real -I’m pretty desensitized to all the Campus Security Alerts we recieve, but this pepper gel makes me feel safer when I’m walking back from a late night class or about to head to the beach in Florida for spring break. I’m just gonna go ahead and say this this product is a must have.

2. Not Your Mother’s Hair Care

While I was away in Cancun, between the salt water and the cholorine, my hair needed all the help it could get by the end of each day. This shampoo & conditioner was awesome because it was so natural and took away all the build up that was turning my hair into a questionable mess!

3. Completely Bare

This left my skin smooth and had me feeling confident when I got ready to head to beach every morning. It’s amazing when you don’t have to shave every day and I have this commendable product to thank for it.

4. Dirty Rush from Simon & Shuster

I was with a group of six girls on Spring Break and we each took a turn with this book, passing it around once it was finished and spending the days leaying by the pool or beach while completely rivited by this book. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and if you’re in a sorority, there is no doubt you will find some parts way too similar to your life and thoughts.

5. Chipotle

This food is a staple of life at CWRU, let’s be honest. It’s healthier than so many other food options, supports local farms, and is all around delicious. Chipotle is bae.

6. The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn

Once I finished Dirty Rush, I immeditely moved onto this book and was completelty caught up in this for completely different reasons. This had me on the edge of my seat and it’s about to become a major motion picture starring Dave Franco!

7. Luna Bars

Luna Bars have always been my go-to since their full of nutrients and are downright delicious…they were also perfect for when I had to catch a 6 A.M. flight and didn’t have time for breakfast!

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