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Millenial Fashion: A Renovation of Decades

1900s: High-collar bone lace

Much has changed in fashion over the last century. We have thankfully stopped using corsets, skirts with trains and feather adorned hats. However, we have found a way to incorporate the beautiful lace and high-collars of this era into modern designs. See-through lace sweetheart necklines are a throwback to the class and elegance of the British, while maintaining modern day expectations in style.



1910s: The blouse!

It makes sense that the blouse is similar in appearance to the dress wear of the 1910s; it is a classy staple to any gal’s closet! The blouse embraces the modest and feminine with its flowy fabric, without the housewife role expectations. Today, the blouse is most commonly donned in women’s business-wear, which is a perfect exemplification of the revolution of female power roles.



1920s: Pearls and tights!

Oh the roaring 20s, what a wonderful time for women’s fashion. This decade stands out for its distinct style of flapper dresses, pearls and sheer tights. Although the flapper dress may make occasional reappearances every 31st of October, we will never abandon the classy combination of sheer black tights and large pearl jewelry. If any style is timeless, it is definitely pearls!



1930s: Blazers and Fedoras!

The reinvention of masculine sports coats and business hats can definitely be dated to the shoulder-pads and angled hats of the 30s. The ever-popular blazer adds edge to any modern-day outfit, especially when paired with the sharp fedora. Although pencil skirts and skinny jeans have replaced past the knee skirts, we certainly owe the 30s for introducing the edgy feminine faux-business wear style.  



1940s: A-Line Skirts and Dresses!

Past the knee skirts may be a design of decades past, but the 40s A-line skirt will always be flattering. The 40s somehow made collared dresses and gingham patterns attractive with the A-line design. For modern women, bold and solid colors with scoop necklines are superior to the collars and gingham, but the A-line design is the perfect way to bare long legs and a small waist, without showing too much skin!



1950s: Short Hair and Red Lips!

The face of the 1950s is donned by both Audrey and Marilyn: cropped hair and bold lips! For Audrey and Marilyn, their style is not limited to their clothes (although their respective black and white dresses are certainly iconic), but rather captured in the aura of their memorable faces. These icons are undoubtedly the most [in]famous of any decade, which is clearly illustrated by the continuing imitation of their look. It seems that most every modern day celeb has tried to capture the iconic image of Audrey and Marilyn; Miley, Rihanna, J-Law, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Leighton Meester and Rachel McAdams have all seen on the red carpet in red lips and chopped hair. Even Sandy in Grease turns to this style to win Danny Zuko’s heart. 



1960s: Mod Patterns!

We may not love math, but the 1960s have taught us to love geometry. Modern day sweaters and dresses have incorporated the 1960s mod style of geometric lines and blocking, which very often have a wonderful slimming effect. The reappearing of these patterns is recent, but certainly noticeable in loose-fitting sweaters and shapely dresses. Thankfully we left the beehive hair-do in the past, but we do owe this era for miniskirts (although their mini is not quite as mini as our mini….).


1970s: Peace!

This may be the ugliest decade for fashion, so thankfully we have replaced most of these hippie trends. However, we do love That 70’s Show!  This era may not have contributed much to modern fashion, but it is definitely an innovative time for thought, technology, cannabis and disco. Although bell-bottoms, tie-dye and western-style shirts are long gone, the peace sign will surely reign forever.



1980s: Everything…. but especially, LEGGINGS!

Arguably the best era ever, the 80s brought us many of our most beloved trends for not only Halloween but every day.  We love 80s legwear: leggings, knee high socks or leg-warmers, bold colors, animal print, high waisted pants and washed out denim. We also love 80s tops: cut-off tanks, tunics and off-the-shoulder sweaters. The only 80s trend that hasn’t seemed to survive is big hair, which is a shame for us curly-haired ladies.



1990s: Friends and Sweatshirts!

The era of our youth. It is odd to even think of the 90’s as a decade of the past, but it definitely had distinct style: bomber jackets, baggy pants, plaid, floral dresses, long blazers and chunky shoes. Although we have modified the business suit and done away with puffy clothes and chunky shoes, the 90s did bring us printed tees and the staple comfort clothing: the ever-fashionable sweatshirt! This decade revolutionized the sweatshirt from its previous sole state of grunge workout gear to an acceptable form of fashion, whether it be a designer crewneck or a sports’ team hoodie. It even looks like overalls may be making a comeback, which we may have Rachel from Friends to thank for, in addition to her signature hair cut.





2000s Fashion is an era of very diverse style, since it openly embraces so many trends of decades past. It seems that the only trends we can truly claim as original are Ugg boots and Northface jackets, which although they may be very comfortable, will never rise above a fashion mockery (just check urban dictionary). Unfortunately, since winter has already begun to show its ugly face, this “basic” combination will be the predominant style for the next 3-6 (why is winter always the longest season in Ohio?) months. Perhaps living in the past isn’t such a bad thing for the fashion world – why fix it if it isn’t broke?

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