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Hopefully these tips will help you to not just survive college, but to truly thrive here at CWRU.

1) Join clubs that provide free food at meetings:

Not only will these help your broke budget last longer, but also you can become involved and meet other broke college kids! Hoorah! If unsure about how to find such clubs, just be sure to check out the flyers in Thwing that you never give the time of day to!


2) Keep a planner:

Your memory is not perfect. In order to make sure you don’t forget about that upcoming exam, just write all of your important due dates down so that they’re visible daily.


3) Make friends in class:

Not only is being friendly a virtue, but also these kids will be with you the next few years, so just avoid the awkward acquaintance zone and make friends! Also, you’re all in the same boat, and misery loves company…. But really, they can get you the notes from the class you slept through and study groups make studying slightly less painful (*although you still probably won’t be as happy as those pictured above….).


4) Keep coffee on hand at all times:

Just in case you forgot to write down your exam date in your new planner and are forced to pull an all-night cram sesh, coffee will be your best mate. In fact, coffee will always be your BFF, at all hours. Made a rookie mistake and took an 8 A.M. class? Coffee will make sure you get there!


5)  Get a good roomie:

Living with a horrible roommate constantly have you in a grumpy mood, which will affect your general attitude towards school and other responsibilities. Take the time to get to know what living situation works best for you, even if that means living alone. A good roommate will complement your sleeping schedule and keep your living environment healthy and happy. Good luck!


6) Be reasonable:

Don’t try to overachieve or put too much on your plate. Understand that you’re human and need time for things other than school. Let yourself sing some karaoke at Jolly after a stressful week. Or go ahead and buy Mitchell’s to congratulate yourself on finishing your paper early. Be reasonable with your expectations for yourself so that you can maintain a balanced and energized lifestyle. College is about finding out about yourself and others, not just reading textbooks!

Pre-Law English and Philosophy Undergrad with a minor in Religious Studies
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