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Four Tips For Extracurricular Collegiates

1. Be Interested

There is no point in getting involved with something that you have no interest or passion for. Whether it’s a weird or quirky the interest, if you have fun with it then it really shouldn’t matter.  And if you can’t find anything, then explore a bit and dabble here or there, but don’t try to convince yourself to like something or force yourself.


2. Don’t Overload

So you have a lot of different interests and get involved in various organizations and clubs. That’s fine, getting involved as much as possible is healthy and looks good on a resume or grad school application, but be wary of getting involved too much and having too much on your plate -you still have the whole school thing to attend to.  


3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Pride is a powerful thing but it’s silly to expect to be able to do everything yourself and, frankly, most people won’t be expecting you to do so either. You can get a lot more done with a little help as long as you don’t over rely on others.


4.  Make Time For Yourself

Staying fresh is extremely important and it is imperative that you set aside some time for relax. Specifying any amount of time from an hour to an entire day will be beneficial for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the end, there is no point in getting involved and overworking yourself if you’re just going to end up losing your sanity.    

A member of the class of 2017 at Case Western Reserve University by way of your not so typical New England boarding school, Jeep Madison is double majoring in communication sciences and english with a minor in political science.  He is a brother of the fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and a member of the Spartan football team.  A self proclaimed feminist, he feels very strongly about current events surrounding domestic violence and the integration of women into traditionally male social realms.  With so much indecision on what the future holds, Jeep is currently an aspiring trophy husband. 
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