Five Things You Won't/Don't Regret Doing Freshman Year

            In a time of our lives that is designated for experimentation it is only natural to reflect on the choices that were made over the past nine months.  Talking to both my peers and upperclassmen alike, there were many choices they wish they could take back.  But there were also five things that were commonly brought up as things that they do not ragret at all, that’s right, not even a single letter. 

5. Getting black out drunk at least once. does not condone underage or excessive drinking.  However, it is an experience that- despite the obvious lack of enjoyment- everyone feels is a necessary part of college that has to be done at some point in time. 

  4. Staying Active.

Millions have fallen to the unlimited access to food in the dining hall, the delicious burritos from Chipotle, and the indulgent gelato located in Little Italy.  Spoiling oneself in such fashion tends to be most noticeable around the waistline.  Many of those who avoided the “freshmen fifteen” owe it to staying active whether it be inter collegiate, club, or carving out a designated time for it.

            3.  Staying Clean

 Yes college is a time for experimentation.  But many upperclassmen expressed that their ability to say no to drugs is something that they are very proud of.

            2.     Making time for you.

            A lot of people have a fear of missing out on whatever is going on around campus to the point where they don't leave any time for themselves and just relax or take it easy.  Going out too often or being around the same people 24/7 isn't always beneficial.  Taking time to be by yourself is a very wise investment of time.

            1.    Going Greek.

Yea the initial pledge process can be time consuming and Greek Week is all about who can do things the best on the two hours of sleep, but nobody regrets going Greek.