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Campus Cutie: Maggie Capozzi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.

This week’s campus cutie is none other than Maggie Capozzi. Known for her lively and outgoing personality as well as her dedication, Maggie is a fun, spunky, down to earth girl who knows how to make everyone in the room smile.



Name: Maggie Capozzi 

Age: 20 

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Relationship Status: “Justin Bieber is my boyfriend”


Her Campus: If money was out of the question, what would you spend the rest of your life doing?

Maggie Capozzi: I’d travel everywhere. I actually just spent my Fall Break in Ireland, and I already want to go back to Europe so badly. I liked how scenic Dublin was and how relaxed the atmosphere was. Oh, and I loved the people. It seemed like generally people were very open and kind.


HC: What’s an important life lesson you’ve learned?

MC:Don’t judge a book by its cover, so many people are going through a lot more than you realize. We’re all dealing with things we don’t always outwardly show, so what’s the point of judging? There’s so much more to a person than what you can see.


HC:Who’s your inspiration?

MC: My dad — I can’t even begin to explain all the obstacles he’s overcome to get to where he is now. He really inspires me.


HC: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?

MC: I got to touch Cal, the lead singer of TImeflies at the UPB concert, so that was pretty exciting.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Chrissy Tiegan

Man Crush Monday: Cristiano Ronaldo. He literally doesn’t age.

Involvement on campus: Rho Chi (Panhellenic Recruitment Leader), an unspecified sorority ( for Rho Chi purposes), and Camp Kesem


HC: If you could be any animal, which one would you be?

MC: I’d be a cat so I could sleep all the time without judgment. I mean, that’s all I do now anyway. I’m also working on being a future cat lady, so it’s fitting.


HC: Which musical artists are you really into right now?

MC: Currently, I really like the Chainsmokers and Fetty Wap.


HC: As a junior, do you have any advice for freshmen?

MC: Don’t stress too much about school, just try to enjoy as much as you can. Honestly, make mistakes too. You’re still young, so now is the best time to learn from them.

Fun facts about Maggie: She’s from Maryland, she played soccer throughout high school, and she’s a triplet! Maggie would also like to say “Rock on, CWRU!”

Temi is a junior English major who loves programming with the University Program Board, competing on the Varsity Track and Field team, and being part of her wonderful sorority. She is a firm believer that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and language is the most powerful force in the universe.