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Campus Celeb: Owen Williams


This edition’s Campus Celebrity is the sweet smooth talking southerner Owen Williams. Owen is a Engineering major from Granite Falls, North Carolina who hopes to one day work with alternative energy or become an officer in the Marine Corps. I was lucky enough to catch him on the phone for this interview before his tournament softball game started.

HerCampus: Hey man, thanks for talking to me and letting me ask you some questions.

Owen Williams: No problem brutha, ask away my man.


HC:  So what do you do with your free time? What are your favorite hobbies?

OW:  Well I love playing football, racquetball, water sports and any activity that takes place outdoors.


HC:  Good stuff, when you’re not playing sports what are you normally up to?

OW:  Oh, well when I’m not doing all that stuff I’m normally just chilling in KSL, the Veal weight room, or Wade commons.


HC:  What’s your favorite dining location on campus and why? 

OW:  I love Wrapz because the food is good and healthy, the service is good, and it’s a self start up, not a major corporation.


HC: What’s your favorite animal?

OW:  Crocodiles, because they’re very interesting.


HC:  Fair enough, celebrity obsession?

OW: Irina Shayke.  She was a Sports Illustrated model in 2011 or so.

A member of the class of 2017 at Case Western Reserve University by way of your not so typical New England boarding school, Jeep Madison is double majoring in communication sciences and english with a minor in political science.  He is a brother of the fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and a member of the Spartan football team.  A self proclaimed feminist, he feels very strongly about current events surrounding domestic violence and the integration of women into traditionally male social realms.  With so much indecision on what the future holds, Jeep is currently an aspiring trophy husband. 
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