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Campus Celeb: Josh Rogers

The celebrity this week is the Josh Rogers. A member of FIJI and a defensive lineman on the Spartan football team, Rogers is a name more people recognize than not. Hailing from Oak Brook, Illinois; Rogers is primed to return to the Windy City area with a buisness degree in hand in just a few years.


HerCampus: Hey Josh, so we’ll just dive right into this. We know you’re a football player and all, but what else are you involved with?

Josh Rogers: Well I’m a member of Phi Gamma Delta, as you may know, but I also am apart of Rainbow babies, CASA, and I also dress up as the Easter Bunny for the Church of the Covenant.


HC: Wow, man of the people, huh? When you’re not hopping around on Easter or fratting out, what do you do for fun? Any board games?

JR: I’m more of a card game guy but I’ll play Monopoly for giggles.


HC: How about movies? Any particular actresses and actors that you are a bit weak-kneed for?

JR: Yessir, Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite actress and there is a 3 way tie between Harrison Ford, Ian McKellan and Liam Neeson.


HC: Do you get your pickup lines from those studs?

JR: Not really, my go to line is from James Bond: “Now put your clothes back on, and I’ll buy you ice cream.”


HC: Classic one, and where could a lucky lady be looking forward to eating?

HC: Well. my favorite restaruant is Beano’s Cabin in Vail, CO. But within Little Italy? Presti’s and Nidos for sure.


HC: So to wind ths down, could you describe your high school experience in one sentence for me and the fans?

JR: Easily, it was just the stepping stoe to bigger and better things!


HC: Love it, and favorite college memory?

JR: Practicing at the Seattle Seahawks practice facility in 2013 before they won the Super Bowl and beating Pugent Sound.


HC: And lastly, would you rather ride and elephant or giraffe?

JR: Neither. I’d ride a badass fire breathing dragon.

A member of the class of 2017 at Case Western Reserve University by way of your not so typical New England boarding school, Jeep Madison is double majoring in communication sciences and english with a minor in political science.  He is a brother of the fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and a member of the Spartan football team.  A self proclaimed feminist, he feels very strongly about current events surrounding domestic violence and the integration of women into traditionally male social realms.  With so much indecision on what the future holds, Jeep is currently an aspiring trophy husband. 
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