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Campus Celeb: Hannah Altman-Kurosaki

The first time I ever met Hannah Altman-Kurosaki, I was a wee freshman. She welcomed me into her life with open arms and I'm proud to say that we've been close friends ever since. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's had such a fantastic experience with her since she is one of the kindest, most genuinely caring people you will ever meet, and unwaveringly loyal to those she calls friends. Hannah, if I get married tomororow, expect a call with a bridesmaid invitation!

Name: Hannah Altman-Kurosaki

Age: I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22…

Year: Senior (except I hear doing 5 years of undergrad is the newest fad!)

Hometown: New York City!

Major:  Nutrition

Involvement on Campus: Varsity Swimming and Diving Team, Delta Gamma Fraternity, VP Marketing for HerCampus Case Western Reserve University

Relationship Status: In A Relationship

Sign: Aries

Hobbies/Interests: Food, Ron Burgundy, traveling, Community, clothes/shopping, KITTIES, Blair Waldorf, Melt, Chipotle, did I mention food?

Favorite Music: Everything and anything. I do enjoy a nice throwback though.

Favorite Movie: Anchorman, for sure. Bridesmaids is a close second!

Favorite thing to do in Cleveland: Sit at my window and stare out at the beautiful April snow…

Favorite Quote: Can I have two?

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Let's go over the ground rules. Rule number 1: No touching of the hair or face... AND THAT'S IT!” – Ron Burgundy

Summer plans? Working with a dietitian back in New York City, then coming back here to continue my internship at University Hospitals with the Healthy Kids Healthy Weight Program!

Man Crush Monday? I can’t think of one right now, but I can’t say that I haven’t had a crush on Michael Phelps since I was I was 10... Ryan Lochte’s great to look at too. Can you tell I’m a swimmer?

Top Things on your bucket list: To live in Japan for part of my life, to become a lot more flexible (I can’t even touch my toes!)

What do you like about writing for Her Campus? I love being able to write articles and relate to other girls on this campus. It’s super fun and entertaining, and it’s also a great way to put off any other work I have!

What was the best part about growing up in New York City? Definitely the freedom. People always make fun of me for not having my drivers license yet (my road test is on May 23!!!), but it was just never something I needed. Public transportation all the way! I never had to borrow my parents car or worry about being driven places, because I could just hop on the subway and go wherever I wanted!

What is something that not many people know about you? I used to go to baseball camp with my brothers, and I pretty much didn’t know how to be a girl until about… 7th or 8th grade? *Sigh* The troubles of growing up with four brothers.

What impression do you hope to leave on the people you know? I guess I would want people to remember me by the caring and passionate person that I strive to be. Also I love to laugh and be happy. Hopefully people can remember that about me too!

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