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1.)  There are people… Real people, actually out and about, on campus.


2.)  There is color. Hopefully you leave KSL during these last few weeks and take the time to smell the roses!

3.)  Finals….. Yes, finals suck. Nobody is really prepared for the all-night cramming sessions in our near future. BUT, at least that means it is almost summer!

4.)  White legs. White legs everywhere. Since we live in CLE, we haven’t seen sun in a while, or more importantly, our bundled up bodies haven’t. So, this new outbreak of very pale legs in shorts, although unattractively blinding, is nonetheless a good thing!

5.)  Internship applications are at the top of your to do list, or atleast right under “catch up on semester’s worth of studying”. Although summer means no school for most of us, it probably doesn’t mean totally smooth sailing either. But hey, if ya gotta work, at least it can be in the sunshine (and hopefully paid…)!


6.)  SpringFest is this weekend! YAY!

Pre-Law English and Philosophy Undergrad with a minor in Religious Studies
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