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5 Tips for Prospies

5 Tips for Prospies

Every spring it’s the same thing. The quality of the food at Leutner is stepped up several notches, but it’s so ridiculously crowded you hardly get a chance to eat. Your campus commute is several minutes longer than it needs to be because there are a million and a half strangers standing around with a map scratching their heads. Parking was already scarce to begin with, but is now literally impossible to find. It’s prospie season. A bunch of awkward, shy high school seniors show up on campus to experience what it’s like to actually be in college! You might even get to keep one for your very own – just for a night, of course. And don’t you dare even think about taking them out on the town for a good time, lest you get all of your financial aid revoked (DISCLAIMER: just a campus rumor, don’t quote me on this one). But even though they bring us so many inconveniences, it’s still exciting to see the newest generation of Case Spartans on campus.



For the love of god, don’t wear your lanyard. There is no better way to label yourself a prospie and earn stares and dirty looks from the students whose campus you’re clogging up. On the same note, don’t use the stupid swag bag admissions gives you. Keep it to use for alcohol transport in the fall.

PRO-TIP 2: Be friendly – SMILE!

I don’t believe in the phenomenon known as “resting bitch face”. Sure, your face might just naturally look grumpy, but if you’re interacting with another human being, just smile! It eliminates any “bitchiness” in your expression. Even if you just accidentally make eye contact with someone else you’re walking past, just smile at them. It makes everyone happy.

PRO-TIP 3: Pick up the pace

All of the students you see on campus aren’t just taking a leisurely stroll down the street cause the weather’s nice. They have places to be and people to see. They’re actually trying to get some place. So please don't walk nice and comfortably down Bellflower enjoying the sights and sounds. Or if you really just want to do that, at least notice when your entire family is blocking the sidewalk and let me get past you guys.

PRO-TIP 4: Don’t brag about your (expected) major

Whether you’re trying to become an engineer or you want to be the rare flower studying history, you aren’t any better than anybody else. Yes, pre-med is awesome and ambitious and saving lives is fantastic, but you’re just one of a billion others here. And if you want to study classics, that’s great, but it doesn’t make you unique and exciting and “the token humanities kid” (actually overheard on a campus tour once). Just remember, chances are you’re all going to change your major at least once before graduation, so be cool.

PRO-TIP 5: Just be cool

I get it. College is scary. The kids here all seem so much older than you and mature and like real people – I promise we’re not. We’re still just kids too, and we’ve all been in your shoes at one point or another! There’s no reason to be nervous. Talk to some people. Ask them if they like their classes. Ask them what they’re favorite thing to do in Cleveland is! The students here are the most important resource during a prospie visit. Take advantage!

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