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The 20 Stages Of Going Through The Polar Vortex As Told By Jennifer Lawrence

With the second onslaught of the Polar Vortex, students on campus are frustrated, elated, overwhelmed and everywhere in between. According to ’19 Action News’, there’s about 11 inches of snow covering the ground here at Case Western Reserve University. Temperatures have been as low as -8 degrees F and that’s not even including the windchill. Campus has been covered in snow and ice, and we’ve had to make the terrible trek to our classes regardless of how cold and slippery it was outside. Many of us have been angrily ranting over Facebook, but what better way to explain the feelings we have towards the Polar Vortex than through gifs of Jennifer Lawrence?

1. In typical Cleveland fashion, the sun that you were enjoying just moments ago quickly turns into a giant snowstorm -complete with high-speed, whistling winds.



2. You have class in about half an hour, so you grab your sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, parka and winter boots. You’ve got this.



3. As soon as you leave the warm solace of the indoors, the full blast of Cleveland weather hits you.



4. Going up or down the Elephant stairs (or any stairs, for that matter) always ends badly for you.



5. You pass someone on the way to class and a silent exchange takes place, each acknowledging the other’s suffering.



6. When you get to class, your professor thanks you for being there. He says that these students are the ones who really care about the class.



7. As you walk back in the horrendous snowstorm, you blindly walk past all the dining halls and end up back in your room. You look at your suitemates, hungry.



8. They gesture to the hoard of ramen, which you know won’t keep you full for longer than two hours.



9. The gnawing feeling of hunger is growing and you don’t know what to do.



10. So you try your hand at cooking, using the various food items you find around your suite. Mac and cheese, ramen, and canned tomato soup? You can work with this.




11. You check the weather forecast and see that even more snow is expected tomorrow.



12. But then you realize that the coming amount of snow is actually dangerous which could lead to a snow day! Snow Days means no classes!



13. So you bank on not having school and spend that school night doing what you do best.



14. In your drunken haze, you refresh your email to find the much awaited message.



15. What’s the email say? They’re running extra Greenies but not cancelling class?!



16. It’s over. You’re drunk at 2 a.m. and there’s no way you’re making it to your 8:30 a.m. class.



17. You wake up the next morning groggy and beyond exhausted. However, you somehow find a way to dress appropriately for class because nothing stops you from being fabulous.



18. Walking outside is even worse than yesterday, with the windchill at around -10 degrees F. But you continue on anyway because you have two exams next week.



19. So here’s to you, Mother Nature. Thanks for freezing us all to death, covering us in a foot of snow, but still not allowing it to be cold enough to cancel classes.



20. But hey -winter isn’t all bad. You can still cozy up with your special someone, or maybe end up finding a snuggle buddy in class because you actually went.



Best of luck with the weather, collegiettes! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Jeniece Montellano is a member of the class of 2016 at Case Western Reserve University. She is a chemical biology major (B.A.) and English minor, and plans on becoming a physician assistant. She is a part of Solstice (all-female a cappella group), CWRU's Pre-PA club, CWRU's Filipino Student Union, The Observer (undergraduate newspaper) and a sister of Delta Gamma. In her free time, she tries to maintain her sanity by eating chocolate mindlessly, watching TV and rom-coms, reading books and tweeting about random things. Follow her on Twitter @herroitsjemeow for more musings about life.
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