10 Things We Need to Know this Season on PLL

Pretty Little Liars is basically that show that you can't stop watching. Just when you think things will be solved and you'll be able to pull away. "the game" just sucks you right back in. Although seasons 6A was supposed to be the "Summer of Answers," we were left with all new questions left the be answered. With season 6B in full swing, and with its very last season approaching  here are 10 things we absolutely must find out ASAP. 


1. The most obvious question: who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

The murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis is going to be driving the plot this season. But, does this mean there's another A out there? Is it the person watching the Liars at Charlotte's funeral (probably yes)? Who else could have something against the Liars?!


2. Once we ask who killed Charlotte, it's only natural to want to know who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? 

I feel that the murder of Jessica DiLaurentis is really not discussed enough in the series. Like, Alison's mom was just thrown in Spencer's backyard and it feels like one of those secondary plots. Is the person who killed Mrs. D the same person who killed Charlotte? Who has it out for the DiLaurentis family?


3. On that note, what exactly is going on with the entire DiLaurentis family?

The last time we saw Jason and Mr. D was when Charlotte had them drugged and lying on the floor of Radley. What are they up to these days? Are they still in Rosewood?


4. How did Toby and Lorenzo manage to work their way up in the police force? Also, is Tanner gone forever now that we know who A is?

I guess it sort of seems like Lorenzo is the new Tanner. But after Toby's drug fiasco and with him and Lorenzo getting suspended, it doesn't really seem plausible that they've become two of Rosewood's finest. I have a feeling that this might be one of those things we just never find out.


5. What could the Liars possibly have done to Sara Harvey that could have been so awful?

There's a lot of talk between the Liars regarding what they "did" to Sara Harvey the night that A was revealed. When we see Sara at Charlotte's funeral, she is escorted by someone and looks a little weak, but overall she seems to be in one piece. So what could they have done that put her inthe hospital for months? Did the bomb at Radley go off?


7. How did the whole Sara Harvey=Red Coat thing come about?

It's not really clear how Sara began to work for Charlotte as Red Coat. We know that Sara allegedly ran away from home, but we don't know how the two met or what their agreement was. It seems strange to think that Charlotte kept Sara locked up in the dollhouse and only let her out when she needed Red Coat. So what exaclty went on between the two?


8. How did everyone's favorite couples split up?

I'm hoping that I'm not the only one who was sad to see Spoby and Haleb split up (I think we all know Ezra and Aria was too weird to last). It would be helpful to know how these couples ended it, and what dynamics we should expect from here on out. Obviously Toby is going to be around for a while, and it seems like Caleb's return to Rosewood is going to spark some drama. Can we still rely on everyone's favorite boyfriends for help and protection?


9. What exactly is Mona up to this season?

Mona drives me absolutely insane. No one can really trust her. but it seems like everyone needs her. Did she have something to do with the Charlotte's death? Could she become A again? We'll have to see...


10. What happened to some key characters? Especially Jenna, Lucas, Melissa and Noel.

During the first few seasons, these characters drove a lot of the plot, and they were all suspected as being A. Have they fallen off the face of Rosewood forever? Are they still involved with Mona and the pre-Charlotte A-team? Let's hope that these characters come back with some answers.