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10 Signs You Attend CWRU

1.     Officer Mark is your favorite male celebrity.

       He’s friendly and helps keep you safe…what more could you ask for?

2.     Avoiding people you’ve hooked up with is never an option.

       A population of 5,000 undergrad may sound like a big number, but it’s surprisingly hard to escape the awkwardness of running into last night’s drunk makeout in the dining hall the next morning…and on your way to class…and in your classes.

3.     You still haven’t started your SAGES portfolio.

       You’ve questioned the SAGES program since the minute you set foot on this campus. The only reason you’re considering starting your portfoilio now is because you’re trying to graduate in May.

4.     It’s not uncommon to be at the library all night on a Saturday.

       So…Much…Work. Must not…fall…aslee–

5.     Fribley pizza is your standard for “good” pizza.

       When Rascal is your only other option for pizza (besides Little Italy for a nice dinner), we lower our expectations just a bit.

6.     Even your craziest party friends are the smartest people you know.

       It’s Case Western, so everyone is smart. That dude you see at the bar who’s making the ultimate fool of himself? Probably has a 4.0 in BME.

7.     Chipotle is a godsend.

       We’re quite limited around here, so when Chipotle arrived on campus last fall, it completely changed our lives. I’m starting to think that my stomach may turn into a burrito.

8.     Leaving campus to go anywhere driving distance is an ordeal.

       Since everything on campus is within walking distance, it’s not everyday that you’ll decide to hop in someone’s car and drive 25 minutes to Beachwood. So when the time comes…ROAD TRIP!

9.     Most graduating seniors you know already have a plan for next year.

       Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, Google, NASA… You name it, they’ve got it.

10.  You brace yourself for disappointment every time you enter the dining hall and end up using your $14 meal swipe to eat a bowl of cereal.

       The gif is self explanatory.

Senior Nutrition Major at CWRU. On the Varsity Swim and Dive Team, and part of Delta Gamma Fraternity.
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