Why Long-Distance Relationships Aren't as Bad as Everyone Thinks

Things may be tough with your significant other who’s far away, but it’s probably not as bad as you think. Believe it or not, you can actually benefit from your partner attending school in another city. The distance of the relationship strengthens you and your significant other as people, and, in turn, strengthens your relationship. Here are a few other reasons why distance benefits your relationship.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Fotios

You have time to focus on yourself

College is a full-time job. You have classes during the day, homework, club meetings and rehearsals, and occasionally eating and sleeping are really fun, too. All this stress can make scheduling in dates seem like a chore pretty quickly.

“Long-distance relationships allow you to put focus on your career, school and social life during the times that you can’t see or speak to the other person,” says Megan Maurer, a junior at Carthage.

With an LDR, the time that you would usually be spending with your SO can now be used to further your career by opening up a few more hours at work. You can focus on your studies too, and spend much needed time with your friends.

You gain more independence

In the wide collegiate landscape of the unknown, it's understandably tempting to fall back on the familiar. Some people read their favorite books, binge a much-loved show or snack on comfort foods. But couples who retreat into the safety of their relationship miss out on countless opportunities.

“The first year of college is a lesson in self-discovery, and the long distance helps you learn that you’re not forced to spend every waking moment together,” says Riley Peterson, a freshman at Carthage.

With your SO attending another school, you have the opportunity to become more independent and learn your own ups and downs before catering to someone else’s needs. You figure out how to do things alone, or with friends, not necessarily with your SO.

You learn better communication

Communication is the key to keeping a relationship afloat. Fortunately, it can be easier to talk to someone when they are miles away from you because the stress of reading the other's body language is left behind when you're messaging through a screen. You may even gain more confidence which can result in sharing more personal things about yourself to your SO because you aren't dealing with the stress of saying it face to face. 

Long-distance relationships aren’t easy, not by a long shot. However, you and your partner gain skills that you may not have even known were important. If you can survive a long distance relationship, you can pretty much survive anything that comes your way. Plus, when you do get to see each other, the time spent together is that much more special.

Rep image courtesy of Pexels