Why the Carthage Writing Center is Super Underrated

College and writing essays go hand-in-hand, no matter your major. Because writing is such a big part of the college experience, we want to do well, right? As a Senior Writing Center tutor, here’s my take on why everyone should visit the Writing Center.

We're Friendly​

We’re just like you! Undergrad students who have been through the same things in writing or might have even written a paper with the same prompt. No matter the subject, each tutor goes through semester-long training to ensure they are approachable and helpful.

It's Only An Hour. Max.

At the end of the day, the session is only such a small chunk of time out of your schedule. The session is one hour max, and most of the time you don’t need to take the full hour. How you want the session to go is up to YOU.

You'll Learn Something New

Even if you’re a good writer, writing styles and expectations change all the time. Your APA citation might have been appropriate for your class last year, but this year it could have changed. It never hurts to double check with a tutor in the Writing Center!

Earn Brownie Points With Your Professors

At the end of your session, the tutor will ask if you’d like a report sent to your professor that you visited. This allows your professor to know what you and the tutor worked on. In my experience as a tutor and visiting to receive help myself, professors genuinely appreciate the extra mile you take to ensure you’re handing in a great essay. We can’t guarantee an A simply because you got help, but it never hurts to try!

No matter your reason for visiting the Writing Center, everyone should make at least one visit in their college career!