Ways to Never Grow Up

Being in college has really made me appreciate my childhood and has made me ~slightly~ afraid of growing up. So a few nights ago, my friends and I got together and made this list of things we can all do to guarantee that we all stay young, at least at heart.

1. Watch Cartoons

Entertainment takes up so much of our time in today’s society. Instead of turning on the news (which you should still definitely watch), The Bachelor, or a show full of cursing, drama, and adult subjects, why not watch some cartoons? Yes, there are adult cartoons such as BoJack Horseman, Disenchantment, or The Simpsons, but there are also wonderful kids shows that can appeal to the masses.

Steven Universe is one show that comes to mind. It's a modern take on the space hero kids show - it's one little boy being raised by three magical space moms. With beautiful music, amazing art, and plots that draw you in, it lets you fall back into a place of childlike wonder and once again feel like it's Saturday morning.

2. Play Dress-up

Wasn’t it the best playing dress-up all the time? Being a princess at the grocery store, Spider-Man at the park, or a cat at Grandma’s? It was fun becoming someone we weren’t and exploring what that meant. So why not do it now?

Maybe don’t go full morph suit in public, but feel free to look a little silly! Wear bright yellow rainboots and stripped leggings; a totally clashing coat and scarf; green lipstick with a glitter smokey eye! Have fun with your appearance, because honestly, life is too short to not be a little silly (or silly looking). And bonus: kids will think you’re the coolest!

3. Hang Out With Kids

Whether it's siblings, nieces, nephews, or kids of your own, interact with them. They'll help bring you into worlds they've designed, remind you of the “proper rules” to a tea party, or will help get your heart rate up after chasing them in the world’s longest game of tag. Kids are what we once were, free of the responsibility of adulthood. Let them teach you, and you’d be surprised how much you’ll learn - and more importantly how much fun you’ll have learning. (Editor's Note: Please do not hang around children you do not know. That's creepy and sometimes illegal.)

4. Do What Makes You Happy

Keep doing what makes you happy, even if it's “immature.” Have a collection of stuffed animals, comic books, or action figures. Do karaoke to only Disney songs. Dance around the house just because you can. If it makes you happy and makes you feel young and free, do it!

5. Be Impulsive

LIVE LIFE! Don’t jump off a cliff or do anything dangerous, but live life a little wild. Go to the new restaurant you weren’t so sure about, tell that person you like them, be a little crazy. If you aren’t taking chances in life, you aren’t really living. You’re just surviving. Stay young by mixing it up. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

6. PLAY!

What do children do that adults don’t anymore? Play! Whether it's video games, board games, card games, or just any games at all, play around! Make a fort, run around, go to a playground, make up a game, cannonball into a pool! Just have fun! Let the little kid inside you break free and take control.

7. Don't Take Life Too Seriously

There are about a million and one ways to stay young, but this tip rings true. Don’t be uptight and rigid. Feel free to mess around, play, dance, be silly, and act ridiculous. If you spend your whole life worrying about what people think, you aren’t truly going to feel alive.