The Thing About Snacks Is...

There are very few problems with snacking.

The only problem I have with being in constant contact with my favorite snacks 24/7 is that I can become quickly tired of them. There are only so many times that you can stress eat pretzels or munch on Doritos before your mouth and taste buds decide that enough is enough.

One time when I was young, I ate microwave popcorn all the time. It was my go-to snack food for years - my family went through it like tissue paper. However, I ate too much and now I get horrible headaches whenever I eat it. My new greatest fear is that I’m going to have the same thing happen to any of my other favorite snack foods while I’m in college. Whatever would I do without my precious Starbursts?

In an effort to avoid this crisis, I’ve been doing my best to spread out my snacking choices so I'm not eating only mini-Oreos and Starbursts whenever my classes are making me nervous. It’s also important to occasionally snack on vegetables instead of just various candies and cookies. No matter how much I swear I can, I know I can’t survive off of just chocolate-covered pretzels for these four years.

And speaking of surviving and vegetables, full meals are far more important than snacking. No one is judging when I say I ate seven bags of potato chips in one sitting, but it’s important to sprinkle in actual meals to keep myself going through the school year, especially during finals season.

I suppose the moral of the story is that while snacking is good and fun, it’s much better in moderation. The most important thing will always be your health - so stay safe and eat well.