Take a Snack Break with Her Campus Carthage

It’s here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s finals season!

Before we can enjoy the December holidays, first we have to get through finals. I know it sucks, but on the bright side, it gives us all an excuse to binge on late-night snacks as much as we want without anyone judging us! And what's a better way to get you through studying than snacking? It makes studying less dreadful and tests our multitasking skills.

With final exams quickly approaching, we get so caught up in studying for exams that forget to eat or we just don’t eat at all because taking a break would ruin the flow of things. We don’t want to waste any time with going out to get food or preparing a meal for ourselves - there's just no time to spare. That’s where HCC can help!

With the help of our #HCSurvivalKits, we've put together a snacking survival kit for you - including some of our favorite snacks like cookies, GOL Bars, Cheez-Its, and more! It'll be the perfect boost you need to get you through finals.

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