Spring Has Sprung!

Finally, it’s spring! Being in the Midwest, spring takes forever to get here. But when it finally does, we’re all suddenly so much happier. I’m finding myself doing things that I didn’t think I wanted to do. Go for a walk? Yeah, let’s go! Sit by Lake Michigan in the warmth of a 60-degree sun? I have homework due in an hour but okay! Along with being outside more, the spring season is also about change. Last spring, I wrote an article on spring being the time for new beginnings, and I still 100 percent agree. Being a Senior at Carthage College now, I’m starting to feel a little extra nostalgic for all the Kenosha spots I’ll miss after May. Here are a few of my favorite, warm weather activities to do here in Kenosha!

Walk to the lighthouse

Let’s start with something that’s free. If you’re a student at Carthage, you probably know the path that takes you to the lighthouse a couple of miles down the road. You can follow the sidewalk made for bikes, runners, and walkers. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, follow the rocks and shoreline to get to the beach!

(Editor's Note: Please be careful should you choose to walk along the rocks on the shore. Although you may be confident in your ability to walk in a straight line, be aware that your footing might not be as stable as you think.)

Explore downtown

With all the snow gone, the sidewalks and walkways are completely clear in downtown Kenosha. There are so many shops to explore, many of which are locally run. So, if you’re into supporting local businesses, now’s your chance! We recommend checking out places like The Coffee Pot, Modern Apothecary, and Slip 56. The downtown area is also covered with Little Free Libraries, so keep an eye open!

Outdoor patio restaurants

Some restaurants and coffee shops offer outdoor seating, and how could you resist if your scenery is the lake right there? As long as the classic lake effect winds don’t keep you down, enjoy your meal AND the scenery!

Farmer's Market

The Kenosha Harbor Market has to be my absolute favorite thing to do in Kenosha. Beginning in mid-May, the Harbor Market opens outside every Saturday (weather permitting) from 10 am until 2 pm. Local vendors and shops set up tables, so there are a variety of places to shop at! My personal favorites are the flower shops.

Kenosha has a lot going on as the weather starts to warm up. So while we have about two months left before we leave for the summer (or, in my case, forever!), take in everything Kenosha has to offer!