So...How Long Until Summer?

We all know that the fall semester finals are around the corner, major yikes, and that all the horrors of winter are soon to follow - I’m talking having to bundle up from head to toe just to survive the walk across campus, shoveling all the snow off of your car before you drive it, and never being able to get any sunlight. Basically, I become a bear during the winter. I eat a bunch of food, hibernate under a minimum of seven blankets, and rarely leave my room.

It all just makes me miss summer. I miss the nice weather where I don’t have to wear a coat, hat, two scarfs, a sweater and gloves just to go outside. But what I miss most of all is the free time. The sweet, sweet, sense of freedom that comes with summer just doesn’t exist during winter break. Maybe it’s because we know that the impending doom of next semester is waiting at the end, waiting for us to realize that we haven’t actually done anything to prepare for the new set of classes. Regardless, summer brings a much-needed relief and breath of fresh air from the insanity of the school year.

I just can't wait for summer break - but with this giveaway, you won't have to!

Our fifth and final giveaway for our 5 Days of Giveaways will bring you back to warmer times. I can't tell you what's in the stocking this time, but check out our Instagram for clues and enter for a chance to win!