Member of the Month: Emily Parker

Her Campus Carthage is always appreciative of those who are willing to step up to help others. Emily was chosen as our October Member of the Month because she's been a huge part of our organization! During our partnership with FILA, Emily stepped up and provided some of our best brand pictures. She's also an excellent communicator and has been killing it in her new role as Senior Editor. Emily had the opportunity to answer a few questions for us - so, without further ado, meet our Member of the Month!

HC: What year are you and what are you studying?

EP: I'm a senior majoring in English and theatre with an emphasis in creative writing and costume design.

HC: What made you want to pursue theatre in college?

I started getting involved in theatre when I was a freshman in high school. I was always in the chorus of musicals which was perfect because I love singing but I'm way too shy for speaking roles. Then I was cast in an amazing straight play called A Piece of my Heart - a verbatim theatre piece composed entirely of monologues from interviews with women involved in the Vietnam War. I always wanted to write in some capacity, but then I decided I wanted to be a playwright. Later, I became interested and found my forte in television writing, but without a film or tv writing major or minor at Carthage, and because I was still passionate about theatre, the theatre department was the best fit. Plus, it led to my love of being a draper/stitcher.

HC: What are your plans for after Carthage?

EP: I’m applying for grad schools that have television writing and producing MFA programs, but I’m really hoping to get a job at a television network. Preferably NBC because I’ve always admired the work they’ve done and I love New York City. I’m also looking at publications like Her Campus, Teen Vogue, and the New Yorker - plus the University of Iowa’s Writers' Workshop. Or I might try a fashion house. I’m all over the place. But hopefully I can do something with television. We’re a pairing as obvious as Amy and Jake in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

HC: Why did you want to join HCC?

EP: I think the idea of gearing writing toward young adults/college students and the topics it covers like style (something I’m passionate about as a costume design student) as well as important topics like career advice, news, personal stories, and features about people around campus who are doing amazing things really appealed to me. I get to use my creative side.

HC: What does being Senior Editor mean to you?

EP: It’s a great opportunity! I've always loved being an editor since I did so for my high school yearbook. I’m Managing Editor for The Current here on campus, and it’s a blast, but because it’s news writing - it’s a lot of checking for AP style and making sure articles stay neutral. It’s strict reporting. Her Campus lets me edit fun and creative pieces.

HC: What's been your favorite part of writing for HCC thus far?

EP: I’m producing work I really want to write, and I do it more often because I WANT to write about these topics. I wrote a piece about fashion psychology, which is an area I think is so cool, and it’s opportunities like that that make me love writing for HCC.

HC: What are your hopes for HCC in the future?

EP: More members! We're a fantastic group and it’s so fun to be a part of it all. Reading everyone’s articles is one of my favorite parts of the week and I want more perspectives!

Thank you, Emily, for sitting down with us and congratulations on being our first Member of the Month! If you like what Emily has to say, follow her Twitter for "some weird, niche humor and political retweets." If you're interested in learning more about her fashion and costume exploits, follow her Instagram.