I'm a Hopeless Romantic in a Not-So Romantic Era

Just looking at the title, you’re probably thinking “This ought to be good.” But what can I say? I really do believe in the classic love and romance story. As a big rom-com girl, I might’ve been led astray, thinking that I’d find “the one” in some sort of “meet-cute” way or be swept off my feet by some big, grand gesture. Although as a 22-year-old I still have plenty of time for this to happen, I’ve also realized that relationships are a lot more work than just cute dates and musical numbers. Even with the extra work, at the end of the day, I still believe that romance isn’t dead.

Most of my faith in this stems from the fact that my parents have been together for over 25 years. They dated for about seven before they decided to get married. Compared to relationships today, this seems incredibly slow. Many relationships today that I’ve seen start and finish fast, either within months or a year, just for them to move on to the next. I’ll be the thousandth person to make a claim as to why this is happening, too: technology.

I’ve written an article about the dating apps available, and they are what I believe to be the biggest culprit. Knowing that you can log onto an app and look at other single people out there can lead you to believe there will always be better. It’s easy to reach people, go on dates, keep in touch, and communicate through these apps, but it leaves so much choice. Let’s throw in another cliché: the grass is always greener. Social media can also be to blame. Other couples post and highlight their happy moments, making you believe you could be missing out. 

At 22 years old, I know people who are happy to be single, dating around, in committed relationships, married, and married with two or three kids already. And I'm not alone in this because this is the reality for any collegiette my age that checks their Facebook. These varying relationships within our 20s can seem confusing. It forces you to ask yourself questions like "am I behind the relationship track? Do I even want a relationship?" Here’s my answer: yes, you’re on YOUR right track. Because although everyone’s relationships are different, yours is exactly where you need to be.

In a narcissistic world, I’m still holding on to the sliver of hope that what I’m looking for is coming. It may not be tomorrow, next week, or next year, but it’s coming. Knowing that whatever happens will happen, I'm less anxious for the future of my love life.