Everything You Need to Know About Fall Recruitment

Sorority Fall Recruitment is here! At Carthage College, there are nine amazing sororities to explore when you sign up. Recruitment is a little different in the fall, though. So, here’s everything you need to know about Fall Recruitment 2018:

It’s Informal

This may sound kinda funny because this is an important event. However, informal refers to the way the week is set up, not your attire. In the fall, you choose which sororities party (or parties) you want to attend. This is different from the Spring, where you're required to attend every sorority's party. This leaves the chance for you to decide where you want to be. You get to be in control.


Now you know that you have a choice of which party you should attend, do your research! Each sorority at Carthage offers different opportunities and philanthropies. A philanthropy is service work that the sorority focuses on and raise money for every year. Figure out what you’re interested in volunteering for and ask questions at the party! Members love it when you show an interest in something more than what happens on the weekends.

Who Can Go Through Fall Recruitment?

Fall Recruitment is only an option for returning students and transfers. Amanda Barthel, Panhellenic President explains, “We want you to become established as a student first before you jump into recruitment. Education is very important to the Greek community.” Freshmen will be eligible for Spring Recruitment, so don’t worry!

Who is the Panhellenic Council?

The Panhellenic Council encompasses all the sorority organizations on any campus. Although each organization has their own leaders and activities, the Panhellenic Council serves to bring all the organizations together.

I Signed Up...Now What?

After researching and deciding to sign up, you’re all set! Find your favorite fancy outfit and smile, because it’s time to find your home!

Just remember, although going Greek is a wonderful experience, it may not be for you. So, if along the way, you find that your heart just isn't in it anymore, don't be afraid to let the organization know. People respect honesty, so make sure you're taking care of yourself and doing what you love, even if it means you won't be wearing letters this semester. Besides, there's always Spring Recruitment if you change your mind!