Eunice Mwonya: Madam President of Chi Omega

Eunice Mwonya is a woman with many talents. She's currently a junior at Carthage double majoring in neuroscience and psychology with a minor in dance. She dances for the Carthage Red Hots Poms team and showcases for the theater department. She represents the junior class for student government and serves as a Student Ambassador (tour guide) to prospective students and visitors. I cannot think of anyone better to showcase our school, as Eunice puts out the best face and has a magnetic energy that few can compare. And if that's not enough accomplishments for one person, she is also Chi Omega’s new president! I sat down with Eunice to talk with her about her excitement for her Spring Term as president.

HC: How did it feel to find out you became Chi O’s new president?

EM: It was really exciting, and I was super surprised! I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with this new executive board of leaders. I am humbled to know that my sisters trust me to take on this important role.

HC: What are your plans for the sorority?

EM: I plan to continue to foster the sisterhood of the Beta Lambda Chapter, and to hopefully continue to make it a place where women can prosper.

HC: What are you most excited to do with your new position?

EM: I’m excited about all aspects, mostly the brand new executive board where we will be bringing fresh new perspectives. We're grateful to have the wonderful outgoing executive board who have instilled teachings in us and left behind a wonderful legacy.

HC: What position did you hold before in the Panhellenic (a representative all of Greek Life on Carthage Campus) Greek Council?

EM: I was the Panhellenic delegate for Chi Omega, so I was a representative for Chi Omega for the entirety of Greek Life on campus.

HC: How do you plan to use what you learned in your new position as president?

EM: I plan to not only foster relationships within our sorority, but with other organizations on campus, not just Greek Life. I want to be even more open to the campus and campus activities.

HC: What is your favorite aspect of Chi Omega?

EM: They have given me incredible role models throughout my time. I’ve gained so many lessons from so many women. They’ve taught me more than I ever believed possible. My big (big sister in the sorority, acts as a mentor), Hannah, has been a huge role model to me not just in Chi Omega, but in all of my college experience. She has helped shape me into the person I am today. She’s taught me so many things far beyond just in Chi Omega and dance (Eunice and Hannah are on the Red Hots Poms team together).

HC: How has being a part of this sorority helped you grow?

EM: It has given me opportunities to become the best version of myself. They didn’t want to change me, they helped me discover the untaught potential within me.

HC: With Spring Recruitment coming up, do you have any advice for girls interested in going through recruitment?

EM: Oh my goodness, I have tons of advice! There’s so much I wish I knew. The biggest thing that I strived for was to be myself and trust the process. As cliché as that sounds, you’ll find your home in the right time and the right place. Be as open-minded as you can, you never know the people you might meet. Don’t be stuck in where you think you belong. If you’re unsure, just do it! You never know what will happen in the future. I originally was unsure, but I went through and I couldn’t be happier! Truly the best decision I’ve ever made!

HC: What made you decide to go through recruitment?

EM: As a freshman, I knew nothing about Greek life. I didn’t know the difference between either organization, let alone what they did as a group. Because freshmen aren’t allowed to rush until spring, my friends and I decided to give it a try, and I was terrified. In the end, I’m beyond glad I went through, not only for the women in my sorority, but the women I met along the way in recruitment.

HC: What things did you learn about Greek Life by going through recruitment and being heavily involved?

EM: Good question. I met a ton of new people and was introduced to people I’m glad I know today. I’ve learned about so many different philanthropies and service events I didn’t know about as a freshman. Overall, I’ve loved meeting so many different people. I love seeing the passion people have for their organizations and how that translates all the wonderful work they accomplish as an organization, from philanthropy to their sisterhood/brotherhood events.

Eunice is very excited to start her reign as Madam President, and I personally cannot wait to see what she has planned. Discussing recruitment has Eunice and every other sorority on campus excited for new members. Signed up to rush? Here’s some information on important dates and people to contact. Go Greek!

Rep image courtesy of Eunice Mwonya