Emily Imig: Student, Sister, (Sorority) Mom

Joining a sorority was the best decision I ever made. I’ve made so many friends and sisters that make each day a little bit easier. However, one person has stood out from the rest. She has stood by my side through thick and thin, through multiple countries, and through some of my best days, too. She's my mom, my guide through it all. Emily Imig.

HC: Okay, who are you?

EI: My name is Emily Imig. I’m from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. I’m majoring in general theatre.

HC: Why Carthage?

EI: It’s the only one I applied to! I didn’t really do other applications, and Carthage accepted me. I really wanted to go here because I came with my choir to the (Lakeside) music festivals they have here and I really liked it.

HC: Switching gears here, but tell me more about your sorority!

EI: I’m in Delta Theta Epsilon. I think one of the main reasons was the girls along with their philanthropy because their philanthropy is being eco-friendly and saving the Earth. I really appreciate that and try to live that way in all aspects of my life, so it was really cool to find a sorority with that mindset. With the sisters, I felt very at home with them and it was very easy to talk to them.

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HC: So for the readers who don’t know, I'm your “daughter." Give them a little recap of how you felt when you found out I was going to be your kid. What does that mean? What do I have in store?

EI: I was super excited. I literally was crying. Pretty much, you being my daughter means that we have a closer bond than the rest of our sisters, of course, we have close bonds with all sisters but that's beside the point. We’re just extra close.

HC: What's one of your favorite sorority memories?

EI: So I was a rho gamma, which means I had to disassociate from my sorority for two weeks. (Note: Rho gammas are trainers who assist potential recruits during recruitment week.) The moment I got to go back to them at the end of the recruitment week was the moment where I was like “this is where I belong for sure.” And I was so happy that I was back home.

HC: What would you like to do after graduation?

EI: I don’t actually know. I know I want to work in a theatre in some capacity on the technical side, meaning I don’t want to act. I would love to design any type of thing. So like sets, props, or costumes. I like designing things and researching time periods to design said things.

HC: What made you fall in love with theatre?

EI: I feel I’ve always kinda felt that way. I’ve been involved in theatre or the arts in general since I was like three. And then as I grew up it became more a focus on just theatre rather than anything else. It has just kind of been a thing my entire life.

HC: Final question. Do you have any pro tips for anyone who is thinking about joining a sorority?

EI: In the process, just try and stay positive and know that everything you’re doing and learning during this process is for a reason. For going through recruitment, don’t think about what they might think about you. Stay true to yourself and stay positive through that too, because it is a long week. Stay true to your values.

Thanks, Emily!