Asmau Diallo: BSU President


As a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Management with a minor in French, Asmau Diallo is someone to look out for at Carthage. As the current President of Black Student Union and an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, it was only right that Her Campus at Carthage interviewed her to find out what she has in store during her BSU presidential term.

HC: What are some of your greatest challenges being President of Carthage’s Black Student Union?


AD: One of the greatest challenges of being the BSU president is getting non-students of color to understand that they do not have to be part of a group to be considered an ally. I would love if everyone would come to BSU meetings and learn about not only African-American culture but also to learn about challenges that specifically face the black community. Problems such as identity, education, health, struggles that essentially face everybody and could help everybody. Being a part of BSU isn’t alienating and it isn’t black-specific, so everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings and events.

HC: What are some goals you have for BSU for the remainder of your time at Carthage?

AD: I really want BSU to grow and be huge. My biggest goal right now is increasing attendance and specifically male attendance. Since the beginning of my term, I’ve had a slight increase in male attendance which feels great, but I know that BSU has a long way to go, so I can’t become complacent. Another goal that I have is increasing our presence on campus. Basically, being the next CAB for students of color, since BSU is considered to be the “head” of all DEI organizations.

HC: What are some tips/advice you have for being the head of such an important organization on campus?

AD: The biggest tip I would have is to not get discouraged and not to give up. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in where you want to go and how much you want to achieve that where you are currently can seem disheartening. It’s okay. Being patient and doing what you need to be doing will end up in the results that you’re looking for. It’s all about trusting the process. Along with that, you need to be able to accept the responsibility that comes with being the head of such an organization. As the president of any organization, especially a minority organization, some students are going to look to you for help, guidance, etc., and you need to be able to be there for them or guide them to the right resources. It’s something that a lot of people don’t think about, but it’s something very important to consider.

HC: How does someone who is interested in BSU go about joining?

AD: Well, since you asked! We have meetings every Wednesday from 7-8 in WOH’s place. All you have to do is show up! Everyone is welcome, as I mentioned earlier. You can even e-mail [email protected] for events and other special meetings that we hold on and around campus. SHAMELESS PLUG: being a part of BSU is a great way to learn about a new culture but also to earn money! BSU has two $2000 scholarships that are given out each year two active members of the year, and by being an active member, YOU could get that scholarship!

HC: What is your favorite thing to do outside of BSU during your free time?

AD: I really enjoy doing face masks and watching Scandal when I get back to my room. It’s so soothing! Also, I enjoy reading a lot of books (I have more than 20 that I plan on reading in my room right now).

If you want to keep up with Asmau, follow her on her main Instagram account along with her additional account that is both poetic and soothing for the soul filled with some artistic, beautiful words.