8 Things A Retired Party Girl Misses

Disclaimer: Alcohol should only be consumed by those of legal age in a safe environment where no one is planning on driving.

College is similar to a fantasy land that (almost) every high schooler dreams of. It’s the Land of No Rules. You’re on your own, and even though it’s suggested that you go to class and do your work, if you live on campus or away from home, there’s no such thing as a curfew. You can do as you please on weekends, and many students choose to party. It’s a common college pastime. You’ve worked hard all week, and you think you deserve a good time.

Sometimes, that good time includes getting ready with your squad and taking a party by storm. But eventually for some, this ritual no longer appeals. They tire of the glitter and hangovers and yearn for lazy Sundays and grocery shopping instead. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t miss your free, party girl days. So, to all of you retired party girls, this one is for you!

1. Getting ready with your squad

Around 8:00 p.m. every Friday or Saturday night, you start to miss the hustle and bustle of getting ready. There was always a routine of doing each other’s makeup and choosing the perfect outfit. It was time to really connect with your squad and let loose.

2. The Pregame

Nothing is more fun than drinking some wine while getting ready for a night of partying. It makes a girl feel classy before they get trashy and it sets the tone of the evening once the glitter eyeliner has been applied.

3. The Excitement

The anticipation of going to a party is sometimes more fun than the actual party. You never know who could be there or what could happen, but all you know is that you came to slay.

4. The Dancing

Dancing to your favorite Beyoncé song with your squad is almost therapeutic. The stress of the week melts away as you jam to your favorite tune. The environment of a party helps you let loose because no one is judging and everyone is there to have fun.

5. The opportunity to meet new people

Any retired party girl (or current party girl) can tell you that after a night of going out, they have five new Snapchat friends and three new numbers texting them. It’s easy to meet new people within the context of a party because it’s very low stress. Who knows who you could meet?

Photo courtesy of  Pexels 

6. Late-night fast food

Once you’ve all piled into an Uber, fast food is the only thing on your mind. Taco Bell, McDonald’s, you name it, and your drunk-self is going to need it. It’s a part of the going out ritual. The night wouldn’t be complete without tacos or nuggets. And making sure everyone makes it to their own beds once the Uber drops you off if you’re the sober friend.

7. Brunch

After a night of little black dresses, beer pong and bad decisions, nothing is better than brunch with your squad the next day. While most of you are nursing a hangover, brunch is the only remedy because coffee and food are a necessity on a Sunday morning. Brunch is still fun post-retirement, but after a night of partying, you all have a sense of unity at brunch that cannot be broken, simply because you all will be remembering the previous night together surrounded by comfort food.

8. Exchanging old war stories

If you’ve retired from your partying days alongside your best friend, there’s nothing like reliving the good old days. Things have changed. You’re more mature and would rather watch Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate than dance on a table. But it is fun to remember those crazy nights when you didn’t have a care in the world. And it’s certainly okay to miss them.

College parties are fun, and almost a rite of passage, but eventually you need to grow out of this phase. There’s nothing wrong with trading in your heels for a pair of slippers on a Saturday night. You’ll always have your friends and the memories from your wild days to look back on and smile.

Rep image courtesy of Pexels