8 Organization Tips for Borderline Hoarders

If you’re not binging it, you probably know someone who is. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a new Netflix series where organization coach and author, Marie Kondo, helps families tidy up their space. Most of her philosophy is about donating or getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” It’s a great idea that led to viewers doing the same organization techniques in their own home, but if you’re anything like me, it just gets too hard (especially when it comes to the book rule).

So, I think some baby steps are in order. Who says that tidying up means changing your lifestyle or your hoarder tendencies all at once? There are other ways to organize your space so that it appears clean, doesn’t overwhelm you or guests, you’ll know where everything is, and it may save some embarrassment when you have people over.

  1. 1. Store things under the bed

    Remember being a kid and hiding your mess under the bed when you didn’t want to clean your room? Well, when you’re an adult and you use nice containers to do the same thing, it’s “smart.” Keep out-of-season clothes in them, shoes, scarves, socks, whatever your heart desires – as long as it’s similar items; you know I’m not encouraging you to throw makeup in there with old pens, birthday cards, and half-empty Tylenol bottles.

  2. 2. Hang stuff up

    Keep yourself from making piles. This one will be hard. We all have “the chair” or some other area of our room where we throw clothes, purses, anything we’re not using and don’t feel like putting away, but it’s so much easier to have hangers to put your belongings back on or hooks to store your keys, bags, and jackets.

  3. 3. Invest in some organizational product

    In a similar tone to keeping things under the bed, but everything looks so much cleaner if it’s not spread out. Get a mirror that opens up to put your jewelry in. Find a mug to store makeup brushes, a side table with drawers for miscellaneous items, or a mail organizer for notebooks, papers, or makeup palettes.  

  4. 4. Acrylic Organizers are a lifesaver!

    When it comes to storing makeup, it can be tricky, but acrylic drawers and other organizers allow you to keep the clutter minimal while you can also see everything that’s stored inside.

  5. 5. Separate things in your closet

    I know people that do this by color so they can always find what they need. I personally do it by item so that all my sleeveless shirts are together, then blouses, long-sleeves, sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, sleeveless dresses, long-sleeve dresses, jeans… you get the idea.

  6. 6. Same goes for books

    Sorting by color can be beautiful, but sometimes separating by the author can make things easier to find. Again, personally, I do it by genre. Never hunt for a book on your own shelves again.

    (Editor's Note: I love this tip! I organize my shelves alphabetically by title. It might be one of the most boring ways to organize, but it's certainly the friendliest. Anyone looking for a book in my library will be able to find it.)

  7. 7. Use your laundry basket and get a BIG one

    Stop throwing used clothes on the ground when there’s a hamper nearby for them! An open top one will give you the easiest access, and the bigger it is, the fewer problems you’ll have with potential overflow. Just remember to occasionally drag it to the laundry room.

  8. 8. Blanket. Basket.

    Keep blankets and pillows you aren’t currently using in a basket. It’s cute and accessible and your bed won’t be a hot mess.

Downsizing, although a good answer, doesn’t have to be the only answer.