7 Shows on Netflix to Binge-Watch Over Spring Break

Spring break is quickly approaching here at Carthage, and we know this upcoming week of no class will either be spent somewhere warm or at home. So, if you're the latter and have some time to kill, Her Campus Carthage decided to do ya a solid and round-up the seven best Netflix shows to binge-watch over spring break. Enjoy!

1. Riverdale

The FOMO ends now! Take winter break as your chance to dive into this newer (and totally binge-worthy) show that everyone is talking about. Basically a show where Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl, you’ll follow along a group of friends and frenemies in their dark, small-town life—complete with the jock (bonus—he’s a musician too!), the girl next door, the loner, the rich girl, the gorgeous cheerleader and more.

2. Black Mirror

You might want to call over a friend to watch this one with you, because spooky is an understatement. This anthological series is incredibly dark and thought-provoking, and each episode presents a new story that you’ll find yourself absolutely lost in.

3. Mindhunters

Calling all serial killer buffs! Mindhunters, Netflix’s new crime-drama thriller set in the 1970s, will take you on a wild ride into the psychology of murder—and may lead you to question human behavior as we know it.

4. Jane the Virgin

If you haven’t gotten around to marathoning this award-winning series, now’s your chance! When a young Catholic woman discovers that she has accidentally been artificially inseminated, well, you can already imagine the drama happening there.

5. Dear White People

Incredibly relevant and seriously addicting, Dear White People features a diverse group of students at a predominately white Ivy League school and all the discrimination and challenges they’re faced with.

6. Girlboss

Netflix may have opted-out of a season 2, but that doesn’t mean that Girlboss isn’t still worth a chance! Loosely based on Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, this show follows the life of a young misfit who has discovered her passion for fashion and must navigate her way through the business world as her own boss.

7. The Office

If you’re not in the mood to watch a new Netflix series, or just can’t handle binging a show that isn’t finished yet, you’re in luck! The Office is still going strong on Netflix, and if you haven’t watched at least a few episodes right now, then where have you been?! Get streaming!

These seven shows were made for binging, so start your countdown to spring break and treat yo’ self! Happy Netflixing!

Rep image courtesy of Pixabay