The 7 Reasons Why I Write

I love writing. In fact, I’m doing it right now. While some people have hobbies like soccer or making crafts, I prefer sitting down and spinning a good yarn with my best pals, my paper and pencil. Writing is a skill with many benefits. It’s the kind of skill I hope to carry with me throughout my life. Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy it so much, even choosing to minor in Creative Writing.

  1. 1. Let's Get Creative

    The most important part of creative writing is that special word: creative. A story requires twists and turns and making those requires imagination. It’s the creation of something new. New worlds and all its inhabitants are born from somebody’s head and I find that incredible. And it’s a good exercise for the brain while the rest of your body sits there and does nothing.

  2. 2. Outlet for Inspiration

    Have you ever watched a good TV show or movie and said: “Wow, what an amazing concept”? Because that’s me, every day. Inspiration is everywhere. From the funny thing my friends said yesterday to that cool picture I saw on the internet just five seconds ago, nothing can stop the brain from being inspired. One of the reasons I love writing is that it’s the perfect outlet for that inspiration, for me at least anyways.

  3. 3. Anyone Can Do It

    This is definitely more of a problem specific to me, but I lack the ability to draw, or at least to draw well. While I’m working on improving that skill, writing is a perfect alternative. Writing at its core is putting one word after another until an idea is laid out before you. It doesn’t have to be perfect for the idea to be there and that’s all I need.

  4. 4. It's Calming

    The brain is a unique organ. I don’t appreciate the way it can make me anxious at times but at least writing can help. Journaling is known to help with anxiety, so I use my stories as a sort of journal. My characters can go through similar problems as me or experience similar fears and then, by thinking about it through that lens, I can come to a better conclusion than just sitting in the corner panicking. It’s a practice that many writers use in their stories.

  5. 5. It Keeps the Mind Active

    The passage of time is scary. Some people worry about their physical body and how it will be changing as they age. As much as I would love to do that, I’m kind of lazy. I prefer to focus on the mind. Activities like writing can be great exercises for the mind and keep it going strong for years. If anything, it makes me feel just a little bit healthier knowing I’m doing something to improve myself in the long run.

  6. 6. Connection With Others

    As much enjoyment as I get out of my own writing, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of showing it to someone else. There’s some fear in letting other people see and judge my work, but it’s met with the joy of seeing them love the story just as much as I loved writing it for them. And besides just sharing my stories, I can read other’s stories as well. My interest in writing has connected with others who have the same interest and we’ve become fast friends. It has given me common ground with which to talk to all sorts of new people.

  7. 7. Helps With School

    It’s not so much a personal reason as it is a general reason why all students should care about their writing skills. Writing an essay is stressed in almost all parts of education. And I’ve found that by exercising my skill with creative writing, my essay writing has improved as well. Writing stories helps increase my vocabulary and the speed at which I can throw out ideas. It’s especially helpful when I have to write a well-written essay in the few hours before it’s due.

From pure fun to education to exercise, writing has it all. But more than anything it makes me happy. It’s important for everyone to have at least one activity in their life that’s just for them. Something for them that they can hold dear and allow it to bring a little joy into their life. It’s something to look forward to doing to make life worth living. Whatever that is for you, keeping going. I hope it brings you as much joy as writing brings to me.