5 Ways to Dress Up Your Oversized Sweater

Since winter doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, it’s time to repurpose some of those old January sweaters. Here are five ways to dress up that oversized sweater in the back of your closet!

1. With Leggings

Photo courtesy of Emily Piasecki

Leggings truly are a collegiette’s best friend and we all have a pair, so why not pair the two!? Amanda Goecke, a senior at Carthage, praises this combo for its effortless style. “I love pairing leggings with sweaters because it appears as if I’m dressing up when in reality, I’m just feeling super lazy and comfy!” Throw on a pair of fuzzy socks to keep it cozy for a night in.

2. With your favorite pair of jeans

Photo courtesy of Karina Lee

We all love boyfriend jeans and the oversized tomboy-look is totally in right now. I would pair this look with your favorite sneakers, and I chose my favorite Adidas Superstars.

3. With a scarf

Photo courtesy of Karina Lee

If it's a little on the colder side and you want to layer up, think about grabbing a scarf. They're a great accessory!

4. With a jacket

Photo courtesy of Emily Piasecki

Speaking of layering up, whether it’s a jean jacket for a toned-down look or a leather jacket for a grunge look, adding a jacket to your oversized sweater is the way to go! Tuck your sweater in and not only will it keep you warm on those cold winter nights, but they make great accessory pieces when you just need something to tie the look together!  

5. With thigh-high boots

Photo courtesy of Karina Lee

If you’re in the mood to come out of hibernation and shave your legs, you could always ditch the jeans and pair your sweater with some suede thigh-high boots!

Just because there’s only about a month left of winter doesn’t mean you can’t get through it in style, I promise.

Rep image courtesy of Emily Piasecki