5 Ways To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Outfit


With winter coming up and the color starting to fade outdoors, the world can feel very black-and-white. Not to worry though, because with these five tips you can live in color no matter what time of year.

1. Makeup

Even if your outfit is more reserved, you can always have a little fun with your face! Whether it’s a bold shadow, a little colored liner, or a fun bright lip, some colored makeup can shake up your whole look! I highly recommend Pinterest for inspiration - there are so many creative people on there that can really help you up your colorful makeup game.

If you’re looking for a good place to start adding color to your collection, Colourpop, BHCosmetics and NYX are all great places to start.

2. Add some fun socks!


If you’re feeling stuck with a formal dress code, maybe some hidden pops are what you’re looking for. Having a bunch of fun socks in your closet can really help take your outfit to the next level, as it’s just a touch of color in a place most people aren’t expecting.


There are plenty of places online that sell fun socks based on things ranging from famous art pieces to just a good pun. The Sock Drawer is a great place to find some cute ones, with options starting at only $8.

3. Shoes


A bit bolder than socks, nothing makes more of a statement than a pop of color on your feet. Take your groutfit from nay to yay with some colorful kicks. Pair a little black dress with some popping heels. You don’t need everything in your outfit to be colorful, you just need to make the color count.

4. Use a pattern


Having a hard time knowing where to add color? Sometimes a pattern works even better! If you're feeling adventurous, pick a few colors from the pattern and use those to add even more colorful accessories!

With this top, for example, you could pull your color palette from the blue or red and add some cute earrings to match.

5. Go back to the basics


Add color in easy ways, like a pair of bright pants or a fun jacket. You can make an outfit with a graphic T-shirt look so much more put together by pairing it with some colorful pants instead of leggings. This makes it look like you spent so much more time putting your outfit together when in reality it was a split-second decision!

Bonus: Experiment!


Fashion is meant to be fun! Mix and match these tips and mess around with other ideas until it feels right. What is considered "stylish" ranges from person to person, and what works for your friend may not work for you and vice versa. Keep note of what makes you happy and confident, and rock it!

Using these tips you should be able to flaunt color in no time. But just remember that, at the end of the day, what matters is how you feel. It’s your style, so embrace it! Be unique! Be you!