4 Ways to Wear a Headwrap on a Bad Hair Day

Bad hair days are a given. We all have them and they're unavoidable. However, headwraps are a quick and easy way to fix messy hair when there's just no time. Headwraps are scarves that can be wrapped in a variety of ways to cover most, or all, of your head. Anyone can do it -  all you need is a scarf and you're ready to start wrapping! Here are four easy styles to get you started.

1. Top Knot Bun

This first style is something I call the "Top Knot Bun." It's a classic because it can cover your entire head and completely disguise your bad hair! A quick rule of thumb for this type of style is the longer the scarf, the better. The length will determine how big or small your bun is and with this style, I prefer to go big.

2. Low Bun

The low bun is one of my favorites. It's both elegant and simple while it accentuates your beautiful facial features by pulling that stray hair away from your face.

3. Turban Headwrap

Like the low bun, the turban-inspired headwrap is another style that accentuates your facial features. There's usually no bun involved in this wrap so if you have shorter hair, or you're just looking for something bun-less, this style's for you! This tutorial has 11 different variations on how to tie a turban headwrap, so get experimenting! There's something here for everyone.

4. Queen Wrap

For this headwrap, you'll need two scarves. This is very similar to the turban-inspired headwraps mentioned above, but this one will definitely make you look like a queen with the height of the headwrap representing the height of your crown.

So, try a headwrap today! You can even spice it up with some cute earrings or a bold lip if you're feeling adventurous. Whatever you decide to do, just know that headwraps are a surefire way to look great, even if your hair doesn't.