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10 Small YouTube Beauty Gurus You NEED to Subscribe To

Beauty YouTubers have taken over the beauty industry recently.  From starting their own makeup lines, to collabing with high end brands, beauty gurus dictate the trends in makeup and style. Chances are, if you’re paying even the sightless bit of attention to the makeup community, you’ve heard of big YouTubers such as NikkieTutorials, Laura Lee or James Charles. However, those aren’t the only YouTubers producing trend-worthy content. There are tons of smaller YouTubers (less than 150k subscribers) who come out with new and exciting videos every week that are worth watching for 10 minutes of your day! Here are 10 of my favorite small YouTubers and why you should subscribe.

1. Aysha Abdul

Aysha Abdul uses all of her business-savvy skills to produce high quality, well thought out videos about beauty and life, while always keeping it real with her subscribers. A Canadian-based woman of color, she always gives honest reviews about how various makeup products perform on deeper skin tones. Being Muslim, she also frequently uploads various style videos that cater to the Muslim community and has a Hijab Talks video series. Her honesty extends beyond her reviews and lifestyle vlogs. Aysha is always transparent about what goes on behind the scenes in the YouTube community and is a great resource for anyone looking to start their own YouTube channel.

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2. Mesijesibeauty

If you’ve ever shopped on the ColourPop website before, you’ve seen Jesi, or at least, have seen her lips! Jesi has frequently been featured as the lip model for ColourPop Cosmetics, and she often shows off her talent with countless lip swatching videos that make my lips burn just from watching! Her swatching videos are some of my favorites, as she’s incredibly thorough and thinks of everything we would want to know. I also adore her makeup tutorials, because she makes complicated eye looks easy to follow. Honestly, Jesi’s positive personality makes all of her videos a joy to watch, and I’m always checking out her channel when I’ve had a bad day.

Recommended videos:

January Unboxings (Birchbox, Ipsy, Boxycharm, and Facetory) 2018 

Jouer High Pigment Gloss Swatches! 

Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne | Tutorial & First Impressions 

3. Aleeza

If your aesthetic (or, dream aesthetic) is minimalist, you will love Aleeza! Her minimalist point of view pairs perfectly with her thoughtful reviews and vlogs. It’s clear that Aleeza takes a practical and analytical approach to life, and therefore has thought of everything in her product reviews. I know a product is good if Aleeza recommends it, because she has tested it in every possible scenario. If you like vlogging, Aleeza is the perfect YouTuber for you! Watching her weekly vlogs is like getting a pep-talk from your over-productive best friend who encourages you to live the best version of your life.

Recommended videos:

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4. Chloé Cori

Karina Lee, a junior at Carthage College who also has her own YouTube channel, recommended Chloé as one of her favorite YouTubers with less than 100,000 subscribers. Having representation in the beauty community for women of color is incredibly important to Karina. For her, “Finding women who have the same skin types and textures makes everything 100% easier.” She can often “use the same products and techniques as them and feels like the side conversations they make are just more relatable.” Chloé’s channel offers a range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos for her fellow WOC.

Recommended videos:

Zendaya Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Easy Halloween Makeup Look 

TESTING MILK MAKEUP + First Impressions | Full Face Using Milk Makeup Products 

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5. LuciaTepperBeauty

From the comfort of her dorm room, Lucia is one of the most relatable YouTuber beauty vloggers I follow. Not only is she also a college student, but she’s not afraid to speak her mind for fear of losing out on PR or followers. In her Makeup Your Mind videos, she says what (almost) everyone is thinking about controversial topics in the beauty community. Her honest discussions about makeup have changed the ways I approach beauty.

Recommended videos:

Makeup that was Supposed to be Limited Edition 

Haul Update: Sephora Sale + Holiday Haul 

2018 Makeup Goals

6. Marimba Nolan

If you are looking for out of this world hair and wig tutorials, look no further, because Marimba’s got you covered! Marimba takes you along on her hair journey and shares all of her tips – as well as mistakes – so your hair always looks perfect. Her channel is another suggestion of Karina’s, who has “found some of my best [hair] products… and have even taught myself how to do my favorite braids and many other notable hairstyles” from Marimba. If hair tutorials seem intimidating, like they are for me, don’t worry! Marimba breaks them down into easy-to-follow, realistic videos.

Recommended videos:

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7. Lauren Mae Beauty

Holy pink! Head over to Lauren’s channel for all of your pink needs! Not only is Lauren’s YouTube channel a sight for sore eyes, all of her videos are incredibly unique! In a makeup community where the same five videos seem to circulate from channel to channel, Lauren is a breath of fresh air! Since subscribing to her channel, my subscription feed has been full of new videos that I’m always so excited to watch.

Recommended videos:

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8. Kelly Gooch

Kelly is one of the most adorable YouTuber’s I’ve discovered in 2018! I cannot get enough of her videos, so thank goodness she uploads almost four times a week! My favorite videos of Kelly’s are her Project Pan videos. They’ve inspired me to be more conscientious about the makeup products I use, and to show the older products makeup in my collection some more love.

Recommended videos:

PROJECT PAN INTRO// 2018 Rolling Project 

MY CATS PICK OUT MY MAKEUP// Meet my kitties! 


9. Kayla Hagey

If you turn to YouTube for beauty inspiration or want to branch out of your makeup comfort zone, then Kayla is your girl! This vampy goddess is always experimenting with colorful tutorials that can help you step out of the box. If you’re new to bold eye looks, don’t let Kayla intimidate you! Her one palette, multiple looks videos are a great introduction for someone who wants to start incorporating more color into their eyeshadow looks.

Recommended videos:

URBAN DECAY NAKED PETITE HEAT | 3 looks, 1 palette! 

PASTEL VALENTINE | Affordable Drugstore Makeup Tutorial 

SUGARPILL X SANRIO LittleTwinStars Collection! Tutorial + Swatches 

10. Arna Alayne

I don’t know if it’s her accent, or the classical music she plays in the background, but you cannot be stressed while watching any of Arna’s videos. Arna’s grace and charming humor will whisk your worries away! Also, if you’re a pale complexion makeup lover, Arna’s videos are a must-have for your subscription feed. As she’s on the lighter side of almost all of the makeup releases, her complexion is a great guide for which shades to purchase.

Recommended videos:

Will I Repurchase These Products?? Beauty Empties #1 + Project Pan Update 

100 Years of Makeup for Pale Skin | 2000’s 

Best Red Lipsticks for Pale Skin | Drugstore & High End 

Honorable Mention: Jessica Braun  

What would a small YouTubers recommendation listen be without Jessica? While she’s quickly been growing and is close to 500k subscribers, she is the biggest proponent for smaller beauty gurus. Jessica is always shouting out other YouTubers in her videos, and giving credit to any inspiration she receives. I fell in love with the YouTube makeup community again when I started following Jessica, and while she has grown in popularity, watching her videos feels just like hanging out with a close friend.

Recommended Videos:

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I hope you find a few new YouTubers who inspire you to experiment with and have fun with makeup!  Before switching up my subscription list and discovering these smaller YouTubers, I was getting tired of the stagnant makeup community I was exposed to. However, since discovering all of these passionate women, my love for makeup has resurfaced, and I’m inspired every day to try something new with my look!

Rep image courtesy of Pexels

Taylor Beck is a junior at Carthage College majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Political Science. When she needs a break from wild first graders, Taylor spends her time cross stitching, binge watching The Office (again), or going to Taco Belle with her sisters of Kappa Phi Eta.
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