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10 Reasons Why Going Braless Is the Answer to All Your Problems

Bras are uncomfortable. It’s not scientifically proven, but anyone who has breasts will make this statement many times in their life. Between itchy underwire, tight straps and thick material, bras weren’t designed with comfort in mind. Of course, you can purchase a well-made bra that fits you perfectly, but those are usually very expensive and hard to find. Even that perfect bra can’t compare to the feeling of going braless. Speaking as someone who has boobs, there’s nothing like coming home at the end of the day and taking your bra off. That feeling of sweet relief is sometimes better than eating chocolate. But who says you can’t go braless whenever you want? Here are 10 reasons why going braless will solve all your problems!

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1. Not wearing a bra all the time is extremely empowering.

There’s no better feeling than defying the patriarchy like not wearing a bra. Let yourself be free!

2. Boob sweat is free to evaporate on its own!

You can air out that annoying underboob sweat without being hindered by wet underwire.

3. The shape of your boobs will actually improve.

Boobs were not made to be stuffed in a bra. When you ditch your bra altogether, your boobs will return to their natural shape; not the shape they were forced into because of your bra. 

4. Shoulder and back pain disappears.

Wearing a bra with tight straps sometimes feels like you’re wearing a backpack that you can’t take off. So, no bra? No pain.

5. You do less laundry while saving money on bras.

Who doesn’t like the thought of more money in their purse and less laundry in their basket?

6. You realize how unique all boobs are and embrace your own unique shape.

All boobs are different. Accept your shape and know it’s beautiful. Then take a look around and admire how beautiful everyone else’s shape is too.

7. Your circulation will improve.

Wearing a tight bra can slow your circulation and create indents in your skin that won’t disappear immediately after you take it off.

8. You’re supporting the Free The Nipple Movement without even realizing it.   

Free The Nipple is a global campaign focused on equality and empowerment for all human beings. 

9. You’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Wearing a bra to bed isn’t always that comfortable. And, as college students, we all need as much sleep as we can get. Why let a bra get in the way of your well-deserved beauty sleep?

10. You’ll have that “just took off my bra” feeling all day long.

Comfort is key. If you already having a long day or a lot to do, why make things harder? Take off your bra and embrace your inner Rachel Green.

Of course, there are certain situations where not wearing a bra will cause you more trouble than ease (ex. working out). And some folks also cannot free their boobs because of size or different preferences as well. But the stigma around bras and boobs in general is changing. People with boobs are no longer made to feel like society is forcing them to wear something that’s uncomfortable. It’s becoming more and more acceptable to go braless without judgment or harassment. Why not embrace the world we live in today? Do it for all of those who didn’t have this option in the past. Go braless. You may still have 99 problems, but a bra won’t be one!

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Noelle Jay is a junior at Carthage College with a major in Music Theatre and a minor in Dance. She is a member of the Carthage Women's Ensemble, Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary theatre fraternity, and is the choreographer for Maximum Capacity, the male acapella group on campus. When she is not in rehearsal or the dance studio, she can be found watching "Riverdale" with friends, drinking a grande sugar free vanilla latte with soy milk, or lifting weights at the gym. She is also involved in many theatrical productions on campus.
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