10 Fall & Winter Trends We Love

As temperatures go down in the Midwest, it’s time to pack away our favorite shorts and find the chunky sweaters in the back of the closet. Sometimes we feel we have all the essentials and are good to go, but other times, we see our winters clothes and think: I need more. Since the colder months take up almost half the year (depending on the year) in the Midwest, we take our winter wardrobes seriously. Here are 10 fall and winter fashion trends going on right now.

1. As always: Sweaters

Nothing says cute and comfy more than a favorite sweater. We all have one: it’s cozy, warm, and can be worn with leggings or dressed up with jeans. No matter the occasion, we love a good sweater.

2. Long Cardigans

These are also versatile in that they can either being dressed up or down. The best ones are usually made of a wool material, so you’ll never feel cold!

3. Blazers

For the business casual look, a good and simple black blazer goes a long way.

4. Booties

It's something easy to slip on and it can really pull your outfit together! Here’s my favorite pick from my favorite store H&M.

5. Thigh High Boots

These boots are great if you want to wear a skirt, but still want to cover your legs. Again, H&M has a cute selection to choose from!

6. Skirts and Tights

Skirts can definitely be worn year round, but take precautions against the cold and invest in some quality tights!

7. Printed Pants

I’ve seen this relatively new trend around businesses. If you aren’t into skirts, printed pants are a fun way to change up your normal office clothing! J.Crew Factory offers great deals and cute designs!

8. Scarfs

Scarfs are the perfect addition to any outfit AND it keeps you layered and warm. What more could you ask for?

9. Sherpa Jackets

Personally, I had a jacket like this in elementary school, but trends always have a way of coming back and here’s one. Obviously not complaining, look at it, I could sleep in that. It’s like a blanket to go. Again, J.Crew Factory has an amazing selection, but the trend is so popular you can find this look anywhere!

10. Vests

Another classic look and you can get this anywhere in any kind of style!