10 Cute Things to Whisper to Your Significant Other While They're Sleeping

We’ve all been there before: you’re laying in bed next to your significant other, they’re drifting off, looking angelic as hell, and you feel like you’ve got to say something. Not anything big, just something that they’ll remember, but the inspiration just isn’t coming to you. Well, fear not! Here are a few winners that you can pull out at any time.

  1. 1. Mother always told me it would be like this

    Let them know you've been thinking about this moment with them your whole life

  2. 2. We should take this relationship to the next level

    Fall asleep immediately after. What does it mean? Marriage? Business partners? Comedy troupe? Keep them guessing. It'll give you two something to talk about in the morning.

  3. 3. I'm a night screamer

    Let them into your life a bit more and prepare them for the possible night ahead. Open and considerate.

  4. 4. Your sister is so cool

    Let them know that you enjoy their family! (Also, Janet, I miss you so much).

  5. 5. This is going to make a great lock screen background

    Photogenic even in sleep? The highest of praise.

  6. 6. I'm so sick of your shit

    Communication is so important to any relationship.

  7. 7. You're a great American

    Otherwise, the question if they are or are not may haunt them endlessly.

  8. 8. I can't wait to watch this all night

    Let them know you're watching them in sleep and it's better than any dream you might have.

  9. 9. I hope you don't have that horrible nightmare you grew up with

    Not only does this show that you’ve listened to their childhood traumas, but that you don’t want them to come back and haunt them. Bringing it up at the moment they’re falling asleep is very sweet.

  10. 10. *Just smell them*

    If you blank on what to say, just start sniffing them. If you keep doing it, they’ll know it’s because they smell good.

Say goodbye to awkward silences that you want to fill with outbursts of passion and sweet nothings. Where your ideas stop, this list picks up, so try some out today and make sure you invite me to the wedding, okay?