Women in Power: Meeting Alexandra Elves

Hi! I’m Alexandra Elves and I was a junior editor at Her Campus. I’m a fourth-year journalism student with a minor in technical writing going into my fifth (and hopefully final) undergrad year. 


I had such an amazing experience with Her Campus this year — especially working with Belle, my editing teammate and Sherlyn, our Senior Editor. My running for a Her Campus executive position last year was kind of an accident, but I’m so grateful it happened. When I showed up for elections, I didn’t even realize we all had to give speeches! But since I love reading, writing, grammar, and have some editing experience, I was ready for the new challenge. 


Working with the girls was awesome, and I really enjoyed meeting the broader Her Campus Carleton community at the different events we ran. It’s unfortunate that with the crazy circumstance we didn’t get to hold our Poetry Night, but next year will be sure to bring some more great events.


As part of the editing team, we have the chance to work personally with writers and read all the great submissions. I love this publication because it’s all about letting each writer’s unique voice shine through. And if the term writing worries you, don’t let it. Truly, anyone can write for us and if you reach out, we’re always happy to help.


Going into next year I’m so excited to be a part of the editing team again, this time as Senior Editor. I look forward to working with the new group of execs and many more writers next year. Send an email to [email protected] with any story ideas you have or if you want an idea of something to write. We’re accepting new submissions all through the summer so reach out anytime!