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Tired Of Netflix? Here’s 5 YouTube Channels To Binge-Watch

Does anyone else get tired of trying to find something new to watch on Netflix, DisneyPlus, or any of the other dozens of streaming services that seem to be available these days? Or maybe you’re like me and you’re simply overwhelmed with the number of choices or too short on time to dedicate hours to a new TV show or movie. Try turning to YouTube instead for these 5 channels that are definitely worth your time.

Simon and Martina

Simon and Martina are a Canadian couple who have lived in Korea and Japan and have recently moved back to Toronto. Their videos explore Korean and Japanese culture from an educational and inquisitive perspective with reviews of restaurants and products, highlights of tourist destinations, food recipes, and more. They’re also very open about their personal challenges, such as Martina’s struggle with chronic pain and how the two of them cope together. They’re super loving to one another and hilarious to watch, and their videos won’t hesitate to put a smile on your face.

Mike Shake

Mike Shake is an Italian YouTuber who challenges himself to try to learn a new skill every single week. His videos are usually only 5-10 minutes long and the editing is extremely well done. They include skills such as trying to do a backflip in 24 hours, learning how to pick a lock with a paperclip, and even trying to draw a perfect circle freehand. Regardless of whether or not he succeeds in learning the skill, Mike is honest about the process and always enthusiastic to take on a new challenge


Rob and Corinne on Threadbanger create videos about DIYs from the internet, ranging from ridiculous Pinterest trends to home improvement and crafts. They’re a fun, comedic couple who aren’t afraid of failing and trying something new, such as building a custom tiny house in their backyard, making a birthday “cake” out of mozzarella sticks, and creating a Harry Potter-themed room. When you watch them, you’ll quickly feel like you’re friends with them!


Emmy tries out interesting food recipes– some of which might make your stomach turn and others that actually sound pretty pleasant. Some examples of videos she makes are retro recipes (like this Jello mold made out of spaghetti-o’s!), breakfasts from around the world, recipes from the 19th century, and even food ideas from TikTok. She’s soft-spoken, kind, and always seeks to inform her viewers about the backstory behind the recipes. Her videos are also extremely consistent as she usually posts twice a week.

Bright Sun Films

Bright Sun Films is a Toronto-based channel by Jake Williams that explores the history of abandoned, bankrupt, or cancelled companies, ideas, or places. Each video is usually around 20 minutes long and is extremely well-researched. Some videos include potential Disney park ideas that never saw the light, the history behind Toys R Us’ decline, and even videos shot himself in which he explores abandoned malls and hospitals. His videos will either send shivers down your spine or serve you a heavy dose of nostalgia. 

Whether you’re back in lockdown and tired of the same old stuff that YouTube recommends or just trying to diversify your media consumption, these channels are sure to teach you something new. Or, at the very least, become the next binge-able that eats up all your time.

Rianna Lim

Carleton '23

Rianna Lim is a journalism and political science double major at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a former Her Campus National Writer and the 2022-23 editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Carleton (and loving it!). She is a passionate reader, London fog lover, and baseball fan. Be sure to send her your book recommendations and follow her on Instagram @riannaway!
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